Hi Guies, just a word for the ****in good work. I'm an UT99 player ^^ yeah i know in fact, i was actually thinking that you would never do a better job than this version which was just perfect for me. But I was wrong ! You totally catched the UT99 spirit and you even improved it ! so guies ... a great thank you ! I'm living a great experience. Just a few words now on what for me would make the game a bit more optimized: please put the CTF back in front page, because this is the best UT mode we could really create a community around this. There are some crashes with ut servers (still dont know if it is due to my connection though), I would put the shock combo a bit shorter to triger too ^^ (but i guess that u want to do it as a "far weapon" .... maybe you are right, it could work!), I'm not sure of the use of the new weapon with grenades ... i guess i will get use to it, but until now i avoid it to be honest ... and that's all for me ! all other things are just perfect: speed, control, graphics, ergonomy, so ****in good, i can't stop when playing. You will make me fire you know that ? ok that's all for me.... just one last request .... keep the work just like this!