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    [BUG] Bot Speech + Inspiration

    When you select bot speech -> None, the game should disable bot speech completely. I understand that some people enjoy hearing updates from the bots telling them which areas of the map are undefended, but it is clear that disabling bot speech should at least be an option.

    Finally, I noted that the level of detail devoted to branding the game, and I believe that over a million people would buy this game at it's quality level in relation to its branding, but there needs to be something new for the modding community to draw the hacker/modders back into playing. I'm talking specifically about a system for deploying mods and mutators that makes them core to the experience. The community drove UT2004 and GOTY, and I'm thinking that a 'mod installer' plus a 'mod browser' might draw some game hackers back into development, which is ironic that I'm saying this because Unreal has historically been that game. Part of what makes Unreal Tournament great is an extensible base that many developers code for (your powerful engine). Don't forget that you have thousands of community developers ready to code for the final game, and looking for a way to deploy their mods, even just to make simple fixes that improve the game. We're hoping that you will start a new MakeSomethingUnreal contest, and let the games begin!

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    I agree with this and maybe some setting per gametype would have evolved but the game was not there yet. (Many of the bot speech are still placeholders and mixes from earlier games.) For time being, I have created two mutators, one with no bot speech, one with only characterized taunts and old callouts. ,