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some guides for new ut4(2014) for epic

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    [OFFICIAL TUTORIAL] some guides for new ut4(2014) for epic

    1.maps: deck,because is called deck pls make walls more rusty,corosive,and boxes on the map metal,still have name deck,such a deck on ships at sea
    2.weapons: please back in game old sniper rifle from ut99(because ut4 will sux with this sniper from UT3with reload time 1 sec,or put the lighting gun also from ut2k4 this weapon have 1 sec reload time,and everybody is hapy,noobs and pro players
    pulse gun,when shoot or catch someone with pulse beam make that that hi cannot jump like the old one in ut99.
    rocket launcher bring back six pack rockets.
    3.playerslayers/skins on the map make litle biger,from distance all to small to hit. such i play some rts (strategy game)
    make good singleplayer with tutorials for new players
    4.redesign all weapons because this weapon looks like from UT3,we dont wont ut3 or ut3.5
    5.players movement make how its make in ut99
    6.translocator,players have in hand some thing that is translocator,make that,that players have some kind of futuristic watch on his hand and this to be translocator(make litle faster translocator andrange to throw in it.
    btw today is 2014 year and unreal is futuristic game.
    7design maps:i like maps from ut3 and design of maps,make such more ths maps.
    8.bring back soldier,necris etc from past ut99 and some new,brink back women and man warmachine skins,necris skins let be human with dark gothic leather warderobe with tattos and piercing and scars
    something like from the game cyberpunk 2077 from cd project team(the witcher 1 and 2. all gametypes andmaps remove reedeemer and cow skins because is foolish that.
    dont allow to community to make community maps,make first your ownmaps and then let other to make.
    sorry for may bad english
    10. i look soldier skin/face lauren from someone guy that draw this skinand it is perfect,put her in original game.
    i repeat sry for may bed english stay tuned.
    i hope that this post come to EPIC guys and they are consider this that i wrote
    btw:bring back CTF:Coret,Dreary,Face,Lava Giant,Hydro 16,and some new map
    suggestion when player are in acid in deck make when he come out that his health drop every sec by certain point and he dies
    because next time players be more carefull and when the times go be more skilled
    Make in game options for graphics from ultrabeautyful to graphics how its now i prealpha,to avoid players to ruins ini. files
    i'll be back!!!
    See ya,Bye
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    Hahaha...Please Remake UT99 do it now!!
    Running the Mega Hub for everyone to enjoy!


      no i dont want ut99 with better graphics
      i wont this tame that EPIC make good game
      to bring back players and community
      especialy in croatia


        UT99 were simple to redo - just abit enhancing
        characters and such and the STC3 textures did the rest.
        Okay - the engine is abit old and not up to date enough
        to make this a serious community project but hey -
        maybe we get new permaupdating UTs with servers!
        GOod STUff HERe <<


          LOL. You obviously have no idea what you're talking about. Do you seriously need to be told for the 1000000000th time that the weapon models are just placeholders? Also, there's no need for a UT99 remake of everything. This will be a new game, not a remake.


            There are times the Unrealers must stand together
            no matter if they clear up certain things or not.
            GOod STUff HERe <<