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    In-Game Voting

    Hi guys, so this was something that was lacking from UT3 and there is no other thread on this subject yet, so I thought I would get it started.

    There are many things we must discuss imo. The things I have put in bold are the things we need to focus on, everything else is pretty much set in stone.

    Firstly - Kick voting.

    My experiences in every single game I have played deems this option as required.
    The majority of us will not be on the receiving end of this, but with any game, there is always an occasional player that needs to be kicked out.

    I think we should def restrict this only to abusive/annoying players and not noobs.

    Idle players are another thing though. I personally believe having the ability to vote idle players into spectate mode is the best way to combat this.

    Map voting.

    Have the option of voting for the next round/map during the final stages of the current round/map.
    UT3 was good, but being able to vote for the map in the last minute of a round, when sometimes the result is beyond doubt, gives players more time to chat during the break. Even though it's mere seconds each time, it all adds up in the end.

    Mutator voting.

    This was not very prominent in UT3 as it was in UT99.
    This must be mandatory for servers imo, all servers should have the option of voting in and voting out mutators before each map.
    Only some servers in UT3 had this and their mutator options were weak. Nothing like some of the amazing ideas for mutators that these forums have produced.

    I made all of the above bold because this is gonna be huge for UT4 and the marketplace.
    So talk about it and give Epic your opinion.

    All-talk & Team talk.

    Mics are crucial for competitive gaming these days.

    I love how L4D2 has the ability to vote on All-talk. You can become friends with the enemy team.
    This is part of why I love gaming, it's another form of socializing.

    If the game starts to get serious, everyone happily votes All-Talk off , says goodbye and goodluck and we then only commune with teammates and focus on the game.

    I would say that Left 4 Dead 2 is a level above all UT's how they have their voting setup.

    Team Balance.

    If this was an option that we could vote for, it would solve lots of problems.




    I believe game specific voting is going to be crucial to the success of UT4.

    In short, the more things that are options to be voted in/out (specific weapons/vehicles/powerups) would fix a lot of problems that UT3 was having later on.

    So not just mutators, but being able to vote out the minigun on certain maps or even vote out a vehicle that makes a base too overpowering.

    Map creators rarely get the balance of their placements right/good.
    Let us, the players decide. After months and years of testing, we will know what is best.
    So give us the option to fix it ourselves straight away.

    Cheers for reading guys.
    Now speak up and lets get this right.
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    I suppose a lot of these things can also be implemented on the server side. Meaning if you set up a server, you could then maybe set up a chatbot that allows people to vote for things, and then have the bot who has admin commands kick/ban the player if need be.

    Though having a system implemented for it, would be great too.


      What's important is we never wind up with 24/7 ANYTHING servers again.
      Why do people pay money for dedicated servers just to host one map over and over? Do they think it will somehow bring them success like AAA game publishers?


        I agree on most terms and I think most points here are also very important.

        On Team balance I'm wondering, how would you want it to work like? While auto-balance isn't ideal solution I find it working "good enough" for public server use and it's a no-hazzle thing so you don't have to worry about it and it should also balance midgame if there's say more than 2 ppl offbalance. I'm just thinking of cutting corners somewhere so not everything is VOTE THIS, VOTE THAT. Too much voting can become distracting too. :P But gladly present your idea on this point, I'm curious how you want it to be like.

        I'm also personally very skeptical against having option to vote out a certain weapon or vehicle. It would work fine among the UT veteran base which come regularly to certain servers etc but beyond that I'm not sure. Everyone do not either have the same taste/preferences. There were those who got very annoyed by minigun spam in certain open warfare maps but there were also those newbies who enjoyed having an option to kill someone for once. :P I'm not sure it's ethically correct to remove content which the map creator has obviously decided it should be there and remove options which may mean a lot for the minority. I think that may possibly be going one step too far.

        ...BUT if you must have an option for voting that, I suggest making that as mutators, ie. "The Ripper replacement for minigun", "No Goliath" etc kinda mutator which already existed in UT3 and some of the servers used that I played on.
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          Regarding Team Balance: TF2 is a good example of how UT4 should work. Minus the Auto-Scramble.

          1) ENTER: Players enter the start of a map in spectate mode.

          2) TEAM CHOICE: Players have the option of choosing Red or Blue.
          This gives players the easiest possible way to play with friends, which imo is huge and this should NOT be random, stacking teams isn't easy when it's usually 10 v 10.

          3) BACK TO SPECTATE: Players at all times have the option of going into spectate mode UNLESS their team is outnumbered, it doesn't let you, you have to wait until the teams are even. (Not sure about this)

          *Players get kicked if sitting idle in spectate mode for like 2 minutes. (UT4 shouldn't have this)

          *Auto-Scramble teams if 1 team is dominating too much. (UT4 shouldn't have this)
          Auto-Scramble is annoying because sometimes the game is actually close, and it sometimes can make the teams stacked.


          4) VOTE SCRAMBLE TEAMS: TF2 does have a voting option for scramble teams, this is really good and should be in UT4.
          Usually most players vote yes even when on the stacked team because most people don't enjoy a 1 sided affair, it works well in TF2.

          5) AUTO-BALANCE: When one team is 2 players down (11 v 9) it auto swaps a *random* to even it up.

          *random* This should be imo the most recent person who joined the server on team with 11, random auto-balance is by far the most annoying thing about TF2 if you are the random, I don't care anywhere near as much if it swaps me as soon as I joined though because I hadn't spent a lot of time setting up my teams defenses or capping ect...

          6) VOTE IDLE PLAYERS INTO SPECTATE: While TF2 doesn't have this, it only gives you the option to kick them, I feel strongly about this. It would solve sooo many problems with team gaming.

          When I was admin for some L4D2 servers, being able to instantly move players into spectate mode if they went afk was great.
          They were replaced by a bot and the game wasn't ruined all because of 1.
          You don't want to be kicking players other than for being rude/abusive/idiots.

          Simple, noobs sometimes don't know how to get back into spectate mode and after they go pee or get a drink, come back they are kicked, so if we could nicely place them aside and have a bot if need be, if it makes said team be down by 2 players. They don't come back and get annoyed at a new game for being kicked and gone for only 2 minutes.

          SIDE NOTES: So games ends after taunting on the winners flag for 10 seconds. Then we all have a window pop up with map voting tab, this is simple enough.

          Second tab: Mutators. Once a mutator is voted in, it stays in even for the next map until they are voted out.

          Third tab: Specifics. Voting in and out vehicles, weapons and power-ups. These are reset at the end of each map and do not stay in once voted.

          Fourth tab: Chat.

          Have a solid 60-80 seconds between maps, sufficient enough time for clicking a few things and getting up to stretch before another map.

          If we have a simple setup like this, time will show that we will find far more preferable options for all maps rather than what the mapper decides in 2 weeks of mapping, we can take months to figure it out and get it right.

          IF we have the option.
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            Great points and argumentation. Hope Epic take note of this.

            I would like to add a point on overplayed maps and map voting. I saw somewhere negative posts about map voting, like people will always vote for the same maps they happen to know, thus we don't need it. I think map voting is essential feature in all game modes and that situation could be easily countered with introduction of vote coefficient, which will be decreasing dependent on map popularity. For example, if Deck was played 6 times in last 15 matches, your vote for Deck will count as 0.5, while vote for InsertMapName will still be 1.


              RE: Team Balance

              Most servers will just allow default UT settings where you can do whatever; I think it will be important to have a clear divide between "I just want to join random servers or whatever" and "I want to play a match and kick ***". This isn't Dota where maps are going to last about an hour, not even 30 minutes, so for more serious games I'd like fixed pre-made teams.

              However one thing I'd like to see/try to implement myself if I can is drop-in/out AI teammates that keep the numbers even and can pick up where a player leaves e.g. if they were holding the Redeemer or in a vehicle etc. I want to see if I can improve the AI in the first place so giving orders to them is more natural and useful and they follow those orders better without just becoming pings of death. AI can be so much more challenging than they've been in previous UTs by improving their tactics rather than improving their accuracy and aggression.


                Great points there Heir-Apparent! Reading this thread I realize how lackluster teambalance aspect has been in previous UT games. I hope Epic take notice of this thread since it's really valuable input in it.

                This is certainly something I hope get an improvement in this installment since it's a fairly important aspect to the overall enjoyment you will have playing it.

                You bring up a lot of valid points where I mostly agree, I'm slightly bit unsure on your first point about being easily able to decide which team to join since I often encounter the issue where bunch of clanmates just wanna play together on public servers and uses Teamspeak etc to communicate, statistically I see this too much of an advantage typically when both the teamplayers are of pretty high skill and then further even use TS. For public server play I tend to see balanced rounds much more important than say 2 out of 20 people having more fun and potentially 10 people having LESS fun. I think people should just learn to play with "strangers" and the challenge of working together without even knowing them or without coms, I find that more valuable. I'm obviously talking public servers here only, if they want team based communication they should just go into some pickup games or well in UT4 that means in a suitable HUB where you discuss/agree into having that kinda setup.
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                  Cheers for the feedback guys and it's comforting to know you all feel the same.

                  Playing games like L4D2 and TF2 the last year had opened my eyes as to how much better UT3 could have been and how a game having solid voting systems is crucial to the success and longevity of a game.

                  RPGWiZ4RD: Regarding clans team stacking public servers. From my experience this is rare but when it happens it is pretty frustrating. Voting for a team scramble mid-game would usually fix this and is successful in TF2 most of the time. It only requires 1 mature/reasonable player on the stacked team to vote 'yes' and everyone else on the team getting smashed to vote 'yes', which as I said, in TF2, I would say 90% of the time we achieve a team scramble.
                  Most gamers want a decent contest and clans mostly play on private servers anyway.

                  I also mention in another thread called "Team Balance" or something how if a player leaves a game and leaves their team down 11 v 10, a bot should instantly replace them so it's always even.
                  Another player joins 45 seconds later and the bot vanishes, obviously a new player can't join the team that's 11.
                  I agree with your points about bots being more tactical/human. I'm sure the guys at Epic will satisfy us here, all UT series the bots have been decent and improved each time, UT4 they will evolve again.

                  I really do hope someone from Epic bookmarks this thread for when it's time to set this all up.
                  UT4 should not just be about taking the best proven set ups from past installments. We should be diligent and ask "what makes game x so successful" and take the best things from other games too.


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