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New Gametype Idea: Payload Capture

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    Hi, I really like the idea and the concept of vehicle. And I would love play it.

    As a tip, I would recommend to keep the role of a driver and combine it with the role of defender - I think it should be one player (similar to AT-AT in SW Battlefront). You also wrote that the vehicle was designed to PROTECT the cargo, co I think that it sould be mounted with +- 3 "nests" on it to be able to hide and shoot from - that´s for the design of the vehicle. Shooters from these places can of course be killed and these places could also be seized with attackers to prevent defender to come with cells.

    I´m not completely sure about the draining with a link gun - I would make the gun something like the redeemer in original UT: come to game only once per period until someone catches it. It really wouldn´t do any good for the game if three or four player can have it at the same time -> constant draining would easily lead to a standstill.

    For making sure that it won´t last forever I would add a timer - let´s say 15 minutes - and I would set it the way, that what´s the minute count, that´s the number of power cells on the map at the same time (counted in those carried by players, of course). This would make the game more dynamic throughout the gameplay. And we can say that when vehicle has two full power cells (if one is 15%, than more than 30% of energy) it moves faster (1.5times, 2times?).

    Victory conditions could have been two versions: Harder (get it into base in 15 minutes or lose) or "rugby" - the team having it on "their" side of the map is winning. This would be also a tactic to "hide" somewhere and supply your vehicle and defend it, though it can easily happen that someone would seize the "nests" on it and then capture it when the driver would be thrown out


      I love that idea. I was scared it was just going to be vehicle defense, because that has been quite overdone. (see Dirty Bomb, Team Fortress 2, Modern Combat missions...) Good luck with it, it may be too much of a hassle to implement all of that backstop though.


        Overall I agree that prototyping with a limited number of features is the way to go here. Very difficult to say what combination of things is best with a complicated mode like this.

        - instead of "can't jump as high when carrying cell" how about "can't jump at all when carrying cell" for simplicity. Granted I'm not exped enough as a player to be able to tell how useful a half-jump will be in any normal maps. Ofc this would mostly need its own maps or would it? If so you could design them specifically with the half-jump or no-jump in mind. Otherwise you should think about whether modding existing [CTF] maps wasn't an option.
        - for simplicity I suggest you can't shoot a cell being carried, you can only frag the player, then shoot the cell if you like.
        - If you wanted to keep the idea of driving the thing around, like someone said, you could combine the two roles and even then if it's too boring maybe you could just waypoint it (or it automatically moves in the given direction or something). Waypointing would require an interactable map screen which isn't a thing yet, either that or a way of pointing at a spot up ahead (in normal vehicle view) and "shoot" there to set a beacon for it to home towards. In-between activating the Nioxu cannon and chucking beacons you could then exit the vehicle to try and be useful elsewhere.
        - Otherwise the nature of the defensive weapon could be altered to involve more aiming or such. It could be equipped with a few different weapons as well as an idea.
        - I don't like the idea of entering the vehicle to act as gunmen, because it sounds very passive and uninteresting for both teams. And a bit confusing - so you're gunning it, but you're not driving it? Maybe something to get used to. But to frag a gunman you're more or less forced to take sniper shots aren't you? If they see rockets coming they can just bail. Oh well, dunno.