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New Gametype Idea: Payload Capture

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    Hey thanks for your feedback. I changed "blueprint" with "concept" to avoid confusion. I indeed do not have a blueprint, it's only an idea.

    I will keep your advice in mind for a simplified name. It is indeed too long but I'm not sure if simply "Payload" sounds and feels the way I want to intend it to.

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    Just some minor advice, which has nothing to do with the quality of your idea but in order to avoid confusion, you might want to call your idea something other than a blueprint since ue4's visual scripting system is called blueprint. Unless you have actually done bp for this, which I missed if so. Other than that I'm sure you communicated your idea just fine.

    Simplify the name is my second suggestion - capture not needed, just "Payload" would work fine.

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  • started a topic [PROTOTYPE] New Gametype Idea: Payload Capture

    New Gametype Idea: Payload Capture

    *EDIT: I renamed my gametype idea to "Convoy" as suggested by MonsOlympus, thanks for the suggestion!

    Hey everyone, thanks for reading this post.

    Before I jump into my idea for a new gametype, I firstly want to say that I was a dedicated UT2004 player before but I am new to the community and was a little hesitant to post this because I thought no one would like this idea.
    But since so much progress is being made and I get hyped everytime I see a new official video, I thought I'd just go for it. Also please tell me if I did something wrong with posting this, like the prefix. Note sure if this is a prototype or not.

    I created a concept of a gametype I've never seen in any game before. I've put a lot of work into detailing this one out and brainstorming on it so I hope you all like it.

    Now, let me introduce you to "Convoy"!

    Short Description

    This gametype is to be played by two teams. Each team has its own base where its players spawn. The objective of the game is to capture a central, massive, highly defendable vehicle which is carrying a very important payload. At the start of the game, the vehicle spawns in the middle of the map. Teams have to get to the vehicle, jump aboard and drive it back to their base while preventing the other team to seize control over it, so they can drive it back to their own base.

    The Vehicle

    First off, let's give 'this vehicle' a name so we don't have to talk about "The vehicle" everytime anymore. After some brainstorming I came up with "Nioxu Transporter". It has a sci-fi element combined with it's purpose, transporting things. This name can be changed to whatever seems more fitting, but that's how I will refer to it for now. You can always post suggestions.

    A huge lore part first so you can feel the theme I'm going for, please hang on

    The Nioxu is created with a very rare metal material which was popular a long time ago but which has long been exhausted by now. This element was so rare and wanted for it's ability to create unbreakable plates and other shapes.
    During the time some ores were still left, this element was forged to create a couple Nioxu Transporters, making them indestructable. The Nioxu is build to transport extremely important payloads while having the security of being able to transport the goods without damaging them or to protect them from hostiles.

    The existance of these Nioxu's was a secret to anyone not involved in the creation of them. They were used in a couple missions until their users got exterminated and the whole operation stopped. All of the Nioxu's were lost in space... until now. A recent discovery digged up one of these Nioxu's and to their great surprise it was still in perfect condition. They quickly began studying the massive vehicle to learn all about it. Their study led to a theory that there should exist way more of these vehicles. Soon enough they realised these Nioxu's were of immense value and they started a hunt to find more of them. But they were not alone. Information leaked and more parties became aware of the existence of these incredible vehicles. A world-w.. sorry, a galactic-wide hunt for these transporters started with no one holding down. Everyone wanted to find them to be able to put it's very useful functionalities to their use and also to take whatever valuable payload was still inside it.

    This is where my gametype steps in

    Every map created for this gametype recreates a battle for one of these lost Nioxu's. They can be at another location, in a different time, etc. Two teams of different factions fight for the capture of a found Nioxu. They want to take control of it and bring it to their base.

    The Nioxu Transporter is a two-seater. It will allow for one driver and another player who will be operating the defense system. The Nioxu won't have a health bar because it is simply indestructible. It's massive shape results in it being very heavy and thus very slow, like.. really ... slow. Normal fuel doesn't suffice powering the Nioxu. It's creators had to come up with a new, ingenius way of powering it. They invented a system which uses some very powerful energy. This energy powers both the Nioxu Transporter and it's defense system, energy pulses. Luckily it's makers had to bring tons of energy cells to keep it fueled during it's transport job, so finding energy won't be that huge of a problem.

    The Energy System

    The Nioxu Transporter will spawn with a certain amount of energy in it. But not enough to get it to a team's base immediately. While driving, the Nioxu Transporter will consume little by little energy until it runs out. So from the moment a team takes control of the Nioxu Transporter, the energy will slowly drain to 0%, making the transporter stop when empty.

    The team controlling the transporter must refill the energy by collecting energy cells, which spawn randomly throughout the map. The amount of energy cells spawning around the map is not a lot, but there will spawn just enough to get the Nioxu Transporter going. Each energy cell will refill a fixed amount of energy of the Nioxu Transporter. Total energy can't go over 100%.

    A team member who is not driving the Nioxu Transporter, should defend from incoming enemies, or go find an energy cell and bring it back to the transporter. A player who is carrying an energy cell can still use his weapons but will run slightly slower and won't be able to jump as high as other players. When a player who is carrying an energy cell dies, the energy cell will drop to the ground, waiting to be picked up by another player, ally or foe. A player can only carry one energy cell at a time.

    When a player of the team which is controlling the Nioxu Transporter, reaches the transporter while carrying an energy cell, the energy cell will be consumed and the energy of the transporter will be refilled by a certain amount (15% for example). When an enemy gets near the Nioxu Transporter with an energy cell, nothing will happen. This would be highly risky anyways because the cell will drop when that player dies, giving the enemies a free energy cell if they could pick it up. Energy cells laying on the ground can be destroyed by shooting at it, making it possible to deny energy to the enemy team. An energy cell which is being carried by a player can't be destroyed unless that player is killed first. (Open for debate tho, will require more dodge skills to return an energy cell when it's destructable when someone is carrying it) It's also possible to destroy cells which spawned and haven't been picked up yet before.

    The Defense System

    While the first player who jumped in the Nioxu will be the driver, the second player will be able to operate it's defense system. He has one simple task, protecting the transporter from incoming attacks. He can do so by letting out powerful energy pulses which will knock back and inflict damage to all enemies in a certain range. The closer an enemy is to the Nioxu, the more damage they will take and the further they will be "blown" back. Someone very close will most likely take lethal damage while his corpse will swing into the air. Someone somewhat further away will take less damage and will only get knocked back a bit. These energy pulses are a strong tool for defending the Nioxu, but they come at a great cost. Every energy pulse will consume a considerable amount of energy from the Nioxu's energy tank. This will force the operator to think twice before to use the pulses.

    Taking Control

    The biggest objective of the game is to take control over the Nioxu Transporter so you are able to drive it to your base to win the game. The first player reaching the Nioxu Transporter will become driver, and capture the transporter for his team. After that, another ally can enter the Nioxu Transporter to operate it's defense system.

    Because the Nioxu Transporter is indestructable, a team can't take control over it by destroying it. In stead, the team not in control of the Nioxu Transporter has two options. Either they deny the enemy team enough energy so the transporter runs out of energy by itself. Or they can use a modified version of the link gun to drain energy from the Nioxu into their gun, meanwhile buffing their gun. More about that later.

    When the Nioxu runs out of energy, a shutdown mechanism will be triggered which will eject both driver and defense operator. This will put the Nioxu back in a neutral state. When the Nioxu Transporter receives it's first energy cell after that (from either team), it will restart and do a power test (it will also do a power test the first time a team takes control over it). The Nioxu will send out an energy pulse to test it's systems. This energy pulse will affect all players from the enemy team, the team which did not take control. So if you are first to fill the Nioxu with a cell, all enemies will be affected by the power test pulse. This gives the conquering team a brief window to take control of the transporter. Directly after the power test, the Nioxu Transporter will become drivable again and resume functionality.

    Do not forget that after you refilled the Nioxu and the power test occured, the enemies can still kill you and capture the Nioxu for themselves. After the power test, the first player getting in, from either team, will become driver and control the Nioxu for his team until it runs out of energy again. So be carefull when giving the Nioxu it's first energy cell after a restart, make sure no enemies are around.

    Whilst is wise to have players on your team deny energy by scouting the map and destroying energy cells, it is also possible to drain energy from the Nioxu with your link gun.

    The Link Gun

    While no one starts with a link gun, link guns can be obtained on a fixed, somewhat special, location on the map. When a player dies, he has to get a new link gun from that location. There won't be any ammo to pick up directly. While the link gun is draining energy from the Nioxu, it will load itself with energy ammo which can be used later on. This energy is so strong, that when used to fire at enemies, it will do extra damage like it would do when you were linked up with an ally. It's even that strong and powerful that the link guns can't actually take full hold of it. However the link gun being a well designed piece of technology, it is by no means capable of fully taking a hold of this extra-ordinary energy. Energy inside a link gun will slowly drain away. If the energy is not turned back to the Nioxu after a capture, it will get lost forever. So a team must act quickly when taking over the Nioxu. They must drain it's energy, refill it after it ejected it's drivers, enter it and charge back any energy they have left in their link guns. (Or use the energy as ammo to kill enemies)


    - Attacker and defender roles swap according to who has the Nioxu.

    * The team in possession of the Nioxu are the defenders. The defenders have multiple roles:
    • One player is the driver. He needs to manouver the giant Nioxu through the map towards his base, carefully deciding which road to take. (Could implement some dynamic map behaviour)
    • Another player will be the defense operator. He needs to decide when to consume some current energy the create a giant energy pulse which will affect all enemies in range. (Have to make sure to not make this role too boring)
    • Other team members could be going for energy cells, scouting the map and bringing them to the Nioxu.
    • Last but not least you have the players who will just attack the attackers so they can't attack the Nioxu. (Gotta love the logic)

    * The team not in possession of the Nioxu are the attackers. They need to take control of the Nioxu and drive it all the way back. They have slightly less roles, but therefore aren't less exciting:
    • Some attackers will confront the enemies directly by killing them, giving their team some room to engage.
    • Others will grab a link gun and start draining the Nioxu.
    • You also have the attackers who will scout the map for energy cells and destroy them to deny energy.

    Obviously these roles are more interchangable and it's very easy to swap role.

    Don't forget that the attackers should work together by chaining their link guns to achieve better results.
    1: Chained link guns will drain more energy then if they would drain seperately in total.
    2: When you chain link guns you can form a line away from the Nioxu, thus further away from the pulses. This will provide more safety for the attackers in the back of the line.

    - Something needs to be implemented to avoid the game from never ending. Some possibilities:
    • Increased death timers the longer the game progresses.
    • Energy cells will restore more energy the later in the game.
    • The Nioxu Transporter will driver faster later in the game.
    • Shortcuts to both bases will open after some time.

    Well, that was it, for now. Maybe I'll be changing some things here and there according to the feedback I get.

    I aimed to create a very different gametype no one has ever seen before with a lot of diversity and variety. There are multiple ways to play this gametype and to achieve victory. It's meant to be a team game where everyone on the team can play his part the way he likes to. I thank those who read this until the end and I really hope some people will leave me some feedback on whether they like it or what they would change. I'm so curious and anxious to know what you guys think of it, because I have no clue.

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