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How ranked / ranking should be....

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    How ranked / ranking should be....

    Just my thoughts but....
    How the game is played right now should be done as a fun mode and shouldn't affect or give you any rank as such.
    Instead You should add a Secondary mode from the hub where you can sign up for ranked games if u want to play serous.
    For Duels:
    It should Enter you into a que lobby where the game will then search and match u with a random opponent of the same rank where u then vote for the maps you want and then play a best of 3 (If u vote 50/50 then it should pick a random map)
    For TDM/CTF:
    Similar to Duel u sign up and que for the game to match you with players matching your rank but once its found 8 or 10 to fill a game u enter into a lobby where all players have a time limit to discuss the posistions there going to play (for CTF) and to vote on a map to play (once again if all players can't agree / vote for one map then it should pick one at random). Then you play one 20 minute game and If these games could have some kind of built in coms for players to use if they wish it would be brilliant

    Ofcourse If u include this right now it wouldn't do any good for the game since there isn't enough players yet and the que system will take forever to match u with players matching your rank but If u can get a system like this in place for the games release or near It would do wonders for the competitive players who want to play balanced games against other players matching there skill level and will hopefully do away with the stuff like players sitting in irc pug channels spaming/waiting for games to play or sitting there asking if any 'good' players want a 1v1 etc.

    One last thing is it should have a report and ban system as well incase u get some idiot running around trying to kill players with a impact hammer when every one else is wanting a good game