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    new in-game features salad

    Hi people!
    I am just casual FPS player, but I have a couple of thoughts to discuss on the forum...

    During playng in UT3 I have noticed, that the game flow lacks some of unique and new features or mutators, whatever name it, obviously from my PoV.
    1. The Crawling. The feign death option could be developed into full crawling movement mode. It sould be useful when sniping or avoiding enemy fire and could enchance game tactics. Also I think, when player has 25 HP, he should not jump as a bunny but to crawl as a maggot to the Health Pack, begging for mercy
    2. The Mixed Martial Arts mode.The fighting with fists punches and legs kicks when enemy is too close to me. Weapons are ineffective due to slow reloading, so sometimes it is better to rip off the enemy head with fatality key combo... Also it can be made into 1-to-1 Deathmatch fight map as in Tekken or Mortal Combat.
    3. The 3D Voice Communication. Everybody could hear a roars and shots in 3D enviroment of map. So why not to pass the voice output of a player through voice modulation filter matched to game character. Players could communicate directly in short distance or face to face. I am sure it could enchance the gameplay.

    By the way, my first minutes expirience with pre-alpha on deathmatch maps tells me, that the game is perfectly ugly, just like Windows 10.
    Oh, nearly forgot... the blood is too slow and there are no skeletons with equipment after frying with Link Gun. But I am full of hope, that everything will be Oll Korrekt. Sorry for my bad english.
    Regards with Best Wishes.