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Replace translocator for the another ability

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    Replace translocator for the another ability

    On CTF maps need always use translocator. Why not use accelerator. Increases movement forward only speed and forward height and forward length of the jump x3. Looks like palms together energy bracers or staff. Can not use flags, weapons and items. Change accelerator to another weapon lasts longer than change translocator. It works automatically.

    And this is not a weapon. Or maybe there are fire buttons too, for example.

    Fire button to siphon HP from owner to ally, but effectiveness is only x0.5. If siphon 100 HP, ally will have 50 HP. Medium-slow process.
    Alt. fire button make this medium-slow process, but for place. Make health capsule. But the enemy can use this capsule. If siphon 100 HP, capsule will have 50 HP. One player can make only one capsule. Last capsule will be destroyed after maked a new capsule.

    CTFA gametype or replace for all CTF maps.
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    Or another change. In UT player choose translocator as a weapon, but it is not weapon. Why not use translocator on left hand as flying-teleport ability?

    1) there is a translocator button. It is not weapon
    2) then player hold translocator button the flying arc line will be fast drawn in space ahead toward sight
    3) if player release translocator button - he will fly-teleport in that direction
    4) player see weapon in right hand and translocator on left hand and left hand fist forward directed
    5) if instead release translocator button player click fire button of current weapon the painted line canceled, and the shot will not be
    6) can fly-teleport through the window also ofcouse
    7) painted arc line comes down to a maximum downwards but upwards has a sharp upward arc to downwards
    8) can teleport if the arc line is not completely drawn - teleportation in space and fall dawn
    9) can not carry the flag, using the fly-teleport ofcouse. Arc line has another color while carry flag, maybe crossed out in red, but fly-teleport can be used
    10) translocator need some time for shot and drawing line.
    11) current arc line has the maximum distance of actvity and not changes while player moves with hold translocator button, but if player is behind the circle with the center arc line, arc line canceled, need hold translocator button again. If arc line is drawn on maximum distance ahead (not down, no maximum dawn distance) and player with hold translocator button makes a move back the arc line canceled also.
    12) player can not move current arc line, only make a new arc line canceled current
    13) ready-to-use translocator automatically retracts when not in use and there is no shot and fast automatically retracts if click fire button
    14) Perhaps the enemy can see arc line

    The player can not prepare teleport mine to fast defence or attack, he can do all translocator functions without choosing translocator and always have weapons in hands. Maybe its even good that there is no prepared teleport mines on maps. Can not crush the enemy using translocator and this is good too.

    Think with this ability almost no difference between "translocator pro" and "translocator novice" players.

    For warfare gametype maybe hooverboart work while hold translocator\teleport button, or maybe better leave as it work in UT3.

    It seems this topic a bit wrong with a section for forum topics.
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