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Ghost (Stealth gametype)

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    Sounds cool and thrilling I like any types of gamemode that involves not instantly respawning and going back into action, this way it adds more strategy and planning stuff. Would like to see this fully executed one day

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    Good idea, this game mode is kinda reminds me of the "Mission impossible" movie.

    I say yes, create it, but in general your idea needs rework.

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  • started a topic Ghost (Stealth gametype)

    Ghost (Stealth gametype)

    I would like to see a gametype with following rules:
    • Red Team vs. Blue Team
    • Every team spawn on their base
    • Blue Team should touch any of the two red flags during timelimit to win
    • No respawns
    • Blue Team weapons can't deal damage, but if Red Team member will get a hit, then all Blue Team will become invisible to him for a certain amount of time
    • Blue Team sees where is every Red Team member, who of them "blind" and for how long, while Red Team don't know all of that (even the "blind" don't know that they can't see Blue Team members)
    • Blue Team is always noiseless and has noiseless and invisible shots (grenades, Flak, shockcombo... all)
    • Red Team has low ammo
    • Blue Team has low health

    Questions to solve:
    • Weapon balance (Blue (For a what amount of time each weapon blinds?) and Red (Should damage of their weapons be changed?))
    • Which weapons different teams spawn with?
    • Should level have pickups (For exemple powerfull Blue weapon on level Red team also try to defend)?
    • How "blind" Red Team member should look like for Blue Team?

    I'm not a developer. I have no blueprint knowledge. Also advanced level design skills are required here. But maybe somebody of you want to see gametype like this in game?