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    Howdy everyone.

    Firstly I'd like to also echo the importance of getting the core UT gametypes done properly/perfected first in DM, TDM, DOM and CTF. These are the fundamental gametypes that really made UT what it is. It is also the solid platform for competitive gaming/esports which is very important to me.
    In saying that, I personally am a big fan of team gameplay as well so gamemodes such as Assault (most important) ONS and vCTF should be looked into at some point.

    I say this because in my own personal case, I played Competitive TF2 here in Australia years ago where I wasn't the best "fragger" persay so bad at soldier scout demoman...but I was a good Medic because I had things like awareness, good communication could in part defend myself...and so on.. My point is not everyone is gona be into hardcore 1v1 Ranked Deathmatch and I feel that the game should be open to more of a playerbase if it incorporates gameplay for massive battles where teamwork and communication is just as important as Fragging ability (not sure obviously 16v16 has been tested for example in ONS UT04)


      Originally posted by the1ivo View Post
      I feel that the game should be open to more of a playerbase if it incorporates gameplay for massive battles where teamwork and communication is just as important as Fragging ability (not sure obviously 16v16 has been tested for example in ONS UT04)
      I agree. ONS is one of the best gametypes where you don't have to be a DM king to make difference. There's still a pretty loyal UT2004 ONS following...


        Really hoping to see vehicles in the final game - vehicle CTF and larger maps to support this. I love the fast paced CQB-style of the game in it's current state, but slower vehicle combat is greatly wanted.
        Another huge suggestion that I know I want is custom games - on and offline, with bots, and with LAN capabilities as well.
        To be able to do a custom game with my friends and bots would be so amazing, but the game in it's current state does not allow this.
        I hope this gets read, and I hope this gets considered! Thank you so much for making another fantastic UT game!


          One suggestion about standart CTF gametype. Maybe you can enter an additional condition in this gametype. Something like WARFARE gametype condition when you carry the orb and can not take the node instantly, but mast wait some time to do it.

          1) The longer someone carries the flag, the more the certain scale of times increases, which is required to destroy the flag.
          2) There is a max cap of this time, for example max time to destroy 2 seconds, and the time that you need to get this result carrying a flag is 30-60 seconds. This variables are just random, just for example
          3) It is enough to stand in place of the flag for 2 seconds to destroy it. Time is constantly written off and several players can write off this time. The second player does not have to stand for another 2 seconds, if the first player did not destroy the flag completely.
          4) When the flag is picked up from the ground, the timer of the time to destroy the flag is reset and time is recruited again
          5) HUD have the indicator that shows how much time to destroy flag is saved
          6) There is a voice alert that the flag is in the destruction process if the player stands on an enemy flag
          7) Flag model its shaft has a spike, like a syringe, which fills as time increases to destroy it. If the 2 seconds are full, the shaft-energy-line is full
          8) As an option the enemy to write off time (but not destroy the flag) does not have to stand on it, can be very close to the flag zone to write off time and then step on it when the time runs out

          With this condition, if the flag is fell down and have 2 seconds to destroy it for the ally better to attack somebody than go to the flag and pick it up, because the timer will be reset and if he also loses the flag, the enemy will almost instantly destroy the flag. I mean to add a condition that will give a little more sense to fight around the flag than picking up and losing it. If this additional condition works and is useful ofcouse.
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            Can you make medieval mod like in TF2? It would be assault with melee weapons. And also make new weapons for this mod like sword, shield, crossbow etc


              I would love some mix between single and multiplayer like sorts of somewhat linear levels with objectives against monsters and those monsters can be player controlled


                unreal tournament onslaught
                we need this mod


                  Maybe the difference between the frags of teams affect the node-structure. The more the difference in the score of the teams, the more energy the node has and stronger, it is more difficult to destroy it. The maximum strength bonus is +35 or +50% from the standard node. If the first team has 100 frags (without using vehicles or titans) and the second team has 200 frags (without using vehicles or titans) the second team has 100% full bonus to all their nodes (+35% or +50%). If the difference is smaller, the bonus is also smaller.

                  Only those frags obtained without using vehicles or titans (but using the super weapons insrease this score as standard weapons). And not only the strength of the node increases from the difference of team points
                  1) The strength of allied nodes increases by 35%-50%
                  2) The orb lies on the ground longer by 35%-50%
                  3) Time to capture the enemy node using orb is lasts longer by 35%-50%

                  But the bonus from the difference in the score starts to work only if the team that has the most points scored a minimum of points equal to the total number of all players in both teams. If play 24 (12x12) players the bonus begin work if the first team has 24 frags (not from the very beginning or the match), if the first team has 24 points and another team has 14 point the difference there is 10 points ~ 41,7% of 24 max points or ~ +14% or ~ 20% (35 * 0,417% or 50 * 0,417%) total bonus at current stage. Total bonus is shown for the leading team, even 5-8% is matter in any match. Also, the impact of vehicles on the match is slightly reduced.


                  If there are maps with large areas, add a system of respawn zones remote from the main spawn zone-base-starting points. If the enemy or their vehicle stand in this zone players can not respawn in this places. This places have single portals to telepot between places, but has no very long jump points. The enemy in this zones automatically close portals there if stand near. This portals do not degend from nodes - this places is a single system and portals do not allow to choose places just enter portal and teleport. After one teleportation apeears the cooldawn to the next using this portal. This portals have 2 sides - one colored side teleport to previous place, another colord side teleport to the next place.
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                    Every gametypes are accepted... personally i don't like vehicles. peace