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    Of course we must not forget...

    It's time to D-D-D-D-D-D-DUEL!

    Trust me, I'm a doctor.

    Dr.ToxicVenom: "How bout we duel, and let our skill decide who's right and who's wrong? I'm in Unreal Carnage [Dallas] Right now. Come join."
    MonsOlympus: "How about you work your way up the ranks first then we'll talk LAN, until then. Have fun trying to find people to play against you and your crappy attitude, good night!"
    Dr.ToxicVenom: "DAAAAAAMN! That dodge was almost as good as my multi-dodge. Nice!"


      I like to see:

      - DM
      - TDM
      - CTF
      - Instagib CTF (yes make this please a separate game type)
      - Trail

      I think these make sense additionally:
      - Assault
      - Onslaught
      - Domination
      - Double Domination
      - Last Man Standing


        Mentioned many times before already. Just want to stress that its important to have the instagib in any mod. And ofcourse TAM.

        The UT sounds were great. Keep it in, so you can tell where the people are walking/dodging in the map.
        And ofcourse the standard double kill, ..., holy ****. with the killing spree till wicked sick
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          1. Head-Hunter (was a mod for both UT99 and Quake 3)

          2. No politically correct name for this one but basically in Unreal bring back the ball from Bombing Run and have a free for all style game where whoever holds onto the ball is accumulating points everyone else tries to frag him. There are points for fragging too but they don't rack up as fast as while you carry the ball.

          A spin on this could be instead of racking up points you see if the player can actually carry the ball through a goal on the map like the goals in bombing run. If he can make it through the goal in spite of everyone else trying to stop him that should be worth a lot of points.

          Non PC name for it (I warned you)


            I'd love for this release of UT to succeed and be played for a long time. Just one grrls opinion, but keeping it simple with gametypes might help that.

            DM, TDM, CTF and with ONS/WAR or Assault would be more than enough out of the box imnsho... let the community work with you on the other gametypes.

            Would love to see the Jailbreak and CTF4 teams back in action

            maybe unpopular view but... were there low grav vctf servers that were always popular? yes. IG sniper zark LMS servers too? yes.
            But the most played gametypes were always DM and CTF. keep UT where it was most played and build out from there...

            UT was always fun not complicated, even at higher levels of play, and even for llamas like me
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              Game modes that require lots of strategy and teamwork have always been the most fun for me. I'd really like to see a "Control Point" game type (à la TF2) - it would basically be "Warfare" scaled down and without vehicles. Maybe the Warfare name could be scrapped and replaced by Control Point (CP) and Vehicle Control Point (vCP)? Or something else along those lines?

              Edit: Also, I'm pretty sure many CTF maps could be easily re-purposed for a Control Point game type. You've already got two bases, and a central choke point area for the central node. Because existing maps could be used, and it's just a matter of dropping in some functionality from Warfare, the cost for implementing such a game type would be minimal - and it would be a lot of fun, imo.
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                Originally posted by UnrealGrrl View Post

                maybe unpopular view but... were there low grav vctf servers that were always popular? yes. IG sniper zark LMS servers too? yes.
                But the most played gametypes were always DM and CTF. keep UT where it was most played and build out from there...

                UT was always fun not complicated, even at higher levels of play, and even for llamas like me

                TAM was way more popular than these things. I experienced it also more popular than assualt and onslaught


                  Originally posted by DUKAPb View Post
                  Must be at standart:

                  - DM
                  - VCTF (UT2004, mantarun yes, no hoveboard)
                  - TAM
                  - TDM
                  - iCTF
                  - BR
                  - FREON
                  - CTF
                  - DOMINATION
                  agreed. all in instagib mod aswell ^^


                    v it's mean for Vehicle include Hoveboard ! no distinction ..

                    and by Monsterhunt / Invasion .. take a look on

                    UT99 Monsterhunt or UT2k4 Invasion

                    if this not an Result, where mus it accept, then tell to me liar !
                    The poll gives an clean result !! No invasion , Monsterhunt !

                    best regards
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                      I'd like to see Last Man Standing and Domination back.


                        Tournament game

                        Originally posted by PeRasa Mario View Post
                        I would definetly love to see Domination and Bombing run gametypes back to new UT. Although there is something that I think all of you guys need to be aware of. A word "Tournament" meens that there is a reward in the end for a winner or a champion. UT99 and UT2004 had great trophies and trophy room ( I think that I liked even more trophies and trohy room from UT99 ) I was very dissapointed knowing that UT3 didn't have trophies, it just didn't felt like a Tournament, like it did in previous series. I'm really looking forward that you guys will notice this and do it well, and I hope that the design of a trophies for all gametypes will be outstanding and made in truly Epic way!
                        I definitely agree with you. The game should be tournament based and have all sorts of trophy's.


                          Personally, I'd like to see warfare expanded on in the following ways:
                          1: control points which can spawns some form of bot.
                          1a: Say an aircraft generation point also activates an anti air auto turret and a couple of internal defense bots. Nothing an experienced player couldn't handle, but it ups the risk factor for taking things.
                          1b: Have some maps have an actual warbot factory type control node. Players could divert to this node and spawn 1-4 bots which would follow them, squad style, to better allow for full vehicle utilization, at the cost of bots being somewhat dumb.
                          The overall effect of this is to increase the potential firepower per player, and allow for larger maps and more tactical gameplay. It can also allow for lower player count games to still be fun and frenetic, and can mitigate the power imbalance with uneven teams.

                          2: Have optional objectives, or additional objectives that affect the game flow, and fit in with my prior suggestion. Such as say secondary generators, or supply pipes, or something. Say Red team keeps capturing their bot factory node, but its supplied by a generator and a materiel transport line. Blue team can destroy the materiel line to reduce the bot production rate.

                          3: Introduce map chains. Specifically this would be a sequence of maps played which is dependent on the victory state of the previous map. Start off with an essentially symmetrical map. If red team wins, the next map gives red a bit of an advantage, say an extra node captured at the start, or more vehicles, or faster spawns, or even an asymmetric map with some distinct advantage on red's side. Red wins again, and the next map red gets an additional soft advantage like vehicles or spawn rates, while blue gets a defensive advantage, like auto turrets, or helper bots. Red wins again, map chain over. There could be a lot of variations on this theme, but it could add some extra meaning to winning or losing a map, and make it more like a warfare campaign. (maybe just have that as the gametype? Skirmish = single map with balanced settings, campaign = map chain)

                          also this list of types:
                          - DM
                          - VCTF
                          - TDM
                          - BR
                          - CTF
                          - DOMINATION
                          - Assault
                          - Warfare


                            Ok, this is going a bit far afield from what I would expect from UT. What I would love to see as a game mode for the future, would be something akin to what Star Wars Battlefront 2 offered with space combat. I remember UT2004 had Assault maps that involved space combat, but it still revolved around attack/defend mechanics.

                            I would love to see a straight up fight between 2 bases/capital ships where the players involved would be able to leave their own base, hop into a fighter, fly out the hangar and engage in ether space combat, or land in the opponents hangar and damage their base from the inside.

                            That is pretty much the bottom outline, but it is worth thinking about. SW BF2 was pretty basic in terms of space flight and FPS combat, but I still played it for a fair while, because it was a great deal of fun. I know there is a remake in the works, but from the perspective of low skill players that are looking for fun, they would find it in this type of game mode, whereas many of them would quit if all they had was 1v1 DM. And given the current space games that will be out in the future (namely Elite Dangerous and Star Citizen), neither of them are fully committed to PvP gameplay, so this could potentially be an ace in the hole for UT4. To be blunt, I think if UT4 wants to attract a large audience, it will need fun game modes that are less about high skill and more about messing around and having a good time, as casual players dislike games that require skilled aiming (from my experience).

                            Failing that, Assault and Bombing Run would be much appreciated.


                              I want to share my experience when games have multiple game modes and tell little about their pros and cons.

                              I will start with the general pros and cons of multiple game modes. If you happen to have a game with multiple game modes it can provide content for everyone that fits various different player needs. The downside of having multiple game modes is that it splits the games own community.

                              I like the word core Unreal Tournament. This solves many problems. Note to developers make sure that this core Unreal Tournament is the main thing in the next Unreal Tournament. It is the place where the skill counts and it is both fun and serious competition. The rest is just extra! Make sure that the community knows what is core and what is extra.

                              I have to say a few words about the game mode called Warfare because it was the most best game mode ever presented and it still is to me. Many fps games now have regenerative health and no pick ups at all. This is very sad. Picking power ups is the best thing ever invented for fps games. Think of Dota or LoL and compare them with Unreal Tournament. You gain XP which gives you more different stats. In Unreal Tournament the pick up system does the same. When you kill someone and he is dead for a while you get the chance to get that XP/power up advantage by looting the map. This gives deaths more realism, meaning and you just want to avoid it more. Like you should. It promotes that. I like that. You are supposed to be scare of dying. In modern FPS games deaths are just getting more pointless and pointless because of fast spawn times and game speeds. Campers? I have not seen any in Unreal Tournament simply because everyone is busy picking up power ups which promotes moving. Camper and passive playing problems solved! Why modern military shooters do not support this??? Warfare man I gotta tell you that is simply the best. It is like it combines many different game modes and that is why I think it should be in the core Unreal Tournament as it would suit for the majority of players. Everything is there it is like Battlefields rush because of the node linking system. It has vehicles! Orb and playing with it is like capturing the flag. Core is the very symbol of conquest. It is Team death match. It is even kinda like small strategy or tactical game mode which really requires a lot of teamwork. Because of its power ups it is little kinda like Dota or LoL. It is an RPG also because you can drive certain vehicle or be an orb taxi or orb runner himself or even just defend the nodes. Simply the best game mode ever made in the history of video gaming.

                              I'm really looking forward this game. Keep up the good work. Once you go Unreal you never go back to reality.


                                Concept for Assault Revamp or New Game Mode: Infiltration
                                [Concept] Impact Hammer: Alternative Fire
                                [Concept] Game Mode: Infiltration