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    I would like to see all the gametypes;
    CTF-(add where u can have mutli flags on map for BT map.)
    Bombing Run-
    Assault-(can have vehicles its all on map makers/server hoster xd)
    DOM-UT99 rules
    Onslaught-ut2k4 rules
    Jailbreak(i would like to see this come back I loved arena's and escaping in ut99 maps)
    VCTF-(I pefer ut2k4 rules or least make a mod for it(manta runs and speed/beserk/invis combos)I miss all those ACTIONCITY/Bedroom plays xd).

    I would like to see all options be in game rules to either be turned on or off depending the server( vehicles/trans/instagib/full weapon load out/relics/volitle ammo and ex...)


      How come theres not a lot of ppl asking for Onslaught, oh that's right , you mess'd it up in ut2007 and most of the big clans moved on to other games..

      Well I want Onslaught back. And I mean Onslaught from ut2004 not that warfare nonsense from ut3, the only good servers on that were the ones with ut2004 mutator.

      I personally only played ut2004 for 2 game modes .. Onslaught with all the maps and mods and Tdm + Zark mod with matrix moves.

      I know clans that are starting to play together again in anticipation of this game...

      There were clans that only played onslaught and lets hope there will be again ..
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        Bombing Run and LMS

        Bombing Run required great technique.. to me it should be a standard and it should be refined... not an afterthought.

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          You are going to include TAM of course? Am I right? Everyone now plays TAM in ut2004 - this is the most fun mode tested by time.


            FragBall? please?


              I hope all previous official gamemodes in previous UT games will be included in UT4:
              - Deathmatch (includes mini-duels)
              - Team Deathmatch (with or without vehicles)
              - Capture the Flag
              - Vehicle CTF
              - Assault the Base (with or without vehicles)
              - Classic or Double Domination (with or without vehicles)
              - Bombing Run (with or without vehicles)
              - Last Man Standing
              - Onslaught/Warfare
              - Invasion
              - Instagib
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                Hmm... I think all of UT3 gametypes:
                DM, TDM, Duel, CTF, VCTF, War, Onslaught, Assault... and maybe bonus gametype? Road Rage (RR) (for example map will named RR-Crossroad) - Racing with weapons, who first and cost more frags - wins.


                  My favorite structure:

                  Optional: - maybe a contents for a bonus pack or GOTY version
                  Community creation: - BunnyTrack is just an example

                  MonsterMatch is a PvE (Player vs Environment) based game type (MonsterMatch is not really a good name, hm?? ). A map could look like a arena or a coliseum.
                  In the middle of this area spawns a giant boss (creature or robot). This boss spawns from time to time descendant.
                  All players have to kill all mobs and the boss, but can't hurt each other. Mobs can heal or protect the boss.
                  Each killed monster brings a hand of points, killed players lose points.. The killer of the boss gets extra points.
                  The Match ends when the boss dies and the player with the most points win the game.

                  Vehicles could like Instagib additional loadable as standard mutator.
                  default properties in the game type class could look like..


                    Apart from the UT3 gametypes, Domination is a must (the UT99 version of the gametype is better than the one from UT2kx).

                    Bombing Run is not a bad gametype but it's a lot similar to CTF, I bet this is why it wasn't included with UT3 and also why it shouldn't be in the retail version of UT4.

                    Assault is pretty fun but personally I would prioritize it last, it's a lot of work to create levels for it.
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                      Originally posted by JonCza View Post
                      Assault is pretty fun but personally I would prioritize it last, it's a lot of work to create levels for it.
                      There are a lot of ppl who like assault and are willing to map for it. You are Right, that it is a lot of work to map for it. That's why we Need the actors for the gametyp fast so we can Start.

                      I get a bit bored of dm. Hope it will come fast
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                        Team Deathmatch (with at least 4 teams possible)
                        Capture The Flag

                        Assault and Onslaught should be entirely seperate from other


                          Next to the obvious DM, TDM and CTF I'd love to see Domination (the original UT99) back. It still is my favourite game mode.

                          Secondary, I'm a huge fan of Jailbreak and Monsterhunt.


                            Domination (+ double)



                              Best game mode I ever played on any game. Period.
                              Besides combat mode styles, this game mode offers something completely
                              different than any game out there today. Tons of obstacles and air maneuvers.
                              Really makes you enjoy the map design and flow. Time yourself to get to the end as fast as you can.
                              The more technical skills you have with dodging etc. The better your time will be.
                              Dodging off walls, falling, bouncing, front flipping while running, shooting targets in mid air.
                              I have never played a better game mode on any game.


                                Here's what I truly hope we all have for gametypes EVENTUALLY. Whether community-made or not I don't care.

                                - Deathmatch/Team DM
                                - Assault
                                - Onslaught
                                - Monster Hunt (Maybe an assault-like variant where two teams, one must play it, and then the other must get further or complete it with less deaths/faster time, the first team setting any time limit aside from the actually set time limit for the server)
                                - Last Man Standing (With an option to not have every weapon available, like Deathmatch modes with a lives limit rather than a frag limit)
                                - Domination (It just does everything better than Double Domination, which would be better as a King of the Hill-type gametype)
                                - Invasion (If not Monster Hunt)
                                - Bunnytrack (Has to be on this list because it really is alot more than just FPS Platforming. It emphasizes movement above combat, since usually there is none, but if you wanted to help people learn how to REALLY move around a map, Bunnytrack is the perfect gametype for you. no other game has really made anything like it, talking as if community and developer content was the same thing for all games. It's just... so incredibly fun even if I technically was never any good at it. If anything it might be doable as a mutator to be used in conjunction with specifically made maps, using the assault gametype as atleast a framework without a time limit or teams. It was usually just a singleplayer thing)
                                - Jailbreak (This gametype is like Deathmatch and Capture The Flag's wierd lovechild, only changed slightly in certain ways like removing flags. Another fun gametype, a quick summary of it is this. Team Deathmatch rules, but when a blue team member dies, they go in red team's jail and vice-versa and the objective is to jail th entire enemy team where they are then executed via a usually map-specific way. Some of them had them in a pressurized chamber, others ejected them into space, most of the maps used turrets to kill the prisoners. Also while in jail, if both teams have atleast one prisoner, those prisoners can be randomly selected for a 1v1 duel in a different arena where the victor of it goes free).

                                Gametypes of the past were awesome, now that anyone can mod the game, I feel that we could more easily create the gametypes we've always wanted and take part in testing them too

                                Can't wait for Jailbreak, Assaul or Invasion.

                                Warfare wasn't really too big with me. Some ideas like the Orbs and secondary objectives to help you win were great, but it felt a bit lacking often, like it could have been more than a smaller version of Onslaught with Assault objectives.
                                Working on DM-Norkeep here and there. Will likely expand it into more of a singleplayer Monster Hunt-style map/Map Pack able to also work as a Deathmatch map, and therefore, an Invasion map.

                                Working on Project Overkill currently.