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    I'd love to see Assault make a return (if for no other reason than to keep the pattern of in(99), out(2k3), in(2k4), out(3)), but something I'd like to bring up in regards to it is the scale of the maps. In UT99 the stock AS maps were relatively close quarters; Rook, HiSpeed, and Overlord especially, whereas in 2k4 most of the stock maps were more open like in Convoy, Glacier, and even the interior segment of Mothership. I'm not sure which I personally like better, but I believe it's certainly something to take into consideration. Would, say, an Overlord remake benefit from a larger beachfront section and the possible inclusion of vehicles, or would Convoy maybe work better with a smaller selection of platforms? I just feel that since the 99 and 2k4 versions of the gametype had such different presentations, it's something that should be taken into consideration as far as the flow of gameplay is concerned.

    Also, throwing my vote into the 99-stlye Domination hat. Double Domination was a mess.


      I'd love to see Invasion make a comeback, I used to play it for hours on end... Onslaught and Assault were great too

      Perhaps a more RPG-like gamemode would be a good addition, like the system warcraft server mods for Counter Strike or Invasion2k4RPG had;
      - Leveling up from kills and quests.
      - Skill points to increase firing speed, power, health and armor, health regen etc.
      - Finding persistent unique abilities and powerups/weapons.
      - Dynamic quests like CTF, king of the hill or big BOT-bossfight at random intervals.
      - Maybe make it team-based tug of war like Onslaught, each team with a core or base to defend.


        I would like to see a comeback for Assault mode, Onslaught and Vehicle CTF. In my opinion Unreal Tournament could be very electrifying as a team game (with BALANCED vehicles too).
        I know some people don't agree with massive team gametypes, with large maps and many vehicles, but i bet that more people would play UT with these funny (and maybe, competitive) gametypes.

        I used to play UT competitive Deathmatch, and when I was tired of crazy-fragging I used to found ONS servers and play exciting matches.


          I especially like the Assault mode, there is at least some sense of goal, story and completion also I like that players fight against time instead of frag count. and third reason why I like it is that fight moves through the environment it is not at the same place from start to end


            Maybe this is already in the works or suggested by others, but I'm unsure so here goes..

            I would really like for Duel to be expanded beyond 1v1, and become a survivor mode. Same deal with rounds, but it's 1v1v1v1... (you get the idea). Once you die you can observe the action and wait for the last survivor of the tournament (winner), and then everyone spawns back for the next round. It would also be cool to do this with teams such as 5v5 like rocket arena 2 did in Q2. Add a grapple hook on top of all that and I am good to go


              3 orbs, artifacts, powerus or whatever initiates a protocol than release droid defense that attacking rivals for a while counting as frags until you die or it times finish


                I'd love to see VCTF in the game.


                  1) PvE for casuals (invantion)
                  2) 2 teams, 1 point to capture, 3v3, attack or defend, 2 min rounds, all players with shock rifle without secondary fire and 80 or 120 hp, it is like Shootmania but 3 attackers attack)
                  3) sDOM.


                    vCTF ofc (Hoverboard)


                      I'd like VCTF, as someone who mainly got into UT during UT3's time (I have played other UT's just not that much), I haven't properly tried UT2k4's style of Vctf yet, but I personally enjoyed the Hoverboard concept - I just thought vehicles such as fury was extremely OP.

                      Also it's the most popular game mode on UT3 and people still playing it!


                        If vehicles are to be added, should at least make two gamemodes with them (or else it seems like waste of resources), vCTF and WAR/ONS/some new version of it.

                        The hoverboard was really a great gameplay change, I loved the grapping vehicle ability.


                          Hello, I’m new here, but I’ve played all the UT games so far and I’d like to share my suggestions, in hope that others may find them useful and/or inspiring.
                          I believe a change would be needed in order to revitalize both the devs’ and gamers’ communities as well.

                          So far we have created various maps starting with the gametype we wanted to play. I propose that for the new UT, we should do things the other way around: create a few categories of maps which will each support a collection of gametypes (for example, the way any DM maps supports DM/TDM/AM/TAM etc.).

                          Such a system would allow the implementation of various gametypes and/or variations of gametypes without the need of fundamental changes. Instead, anyone who has a good idea of a gametype would simply overlap it on top of an existing map type (for example, 3-teams TDM on a DM-based map) and only make a few adjustments.

                          To better explain my point of view, here’s an example:

                          TYPE-1 Maps: No design and landscape architecture constraints.
                          - DM/AM – I believe these 2 should merge. There is no real reason to have them separated.
                          - TDM/TAM – Same as above.
                          - TDM3/TAM3 – 3 teams. I believe it could spice things up a bit.
                          - Freon – Cool idea, undervalued.
                          - Infected – Widely played in other games such as CoD and CS.

                          TYPE-2 Maps:
                          Simple graph (single path) design and architecture. Strategically simetric
                          - CTF/VCTF – The availability of vehicles could be based on the size of the map. Why have 2 separate gametypes instead of only 1?
                          - Double Domination
                          - Bombing Run
                          - Momentum - As seen in CoD. Two teams of four to six players face off against each other in this difficult mode. The objective of this game is to capture all five flags from one end of the map to the other. The first team to do this within the 10 minute time limit will win the game. If neither team can capture all five flags before the time limit is reached, the team that captures three flags will win the game. It takes 30 seconds to capture each flag. You will need to use team work to capture the flag and hold off enemy players. It becomes harder to capture a flag as you get closer to an enemy team's base because they will keep on coming! NOTE: Maybe a name-change, though.

                          TYPE-3 Maps:
                          Complex graph (multiple paths/nodes) design and architecture. Strategically simetric
                          - Warfare – Adding new vehicles is always a cool idea. I think UT3 nailed it on this chapter.
                          - Onslaught – Classic. Simple, yet complex. Why remove it?

                          TYPE-4 Maps:
                          Event/Wave-based. Strategically asimetric
                          - Assault
                          - Invasion

                          I'm curious what do you guys think.
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                            Conqust (CQS)
                            The game mode "Conqust" is a mix of Assault and Onslaut where players has to compleate objectives and caputre key parts of the map to win and the maps takes place all over the universe some in a large space station that has N.E.X.A.S missles ready to launch some on the Skajarr's home plaent and even in the World of Faries (the faries are nutral player dretmined if they live or die [if too many of them are killed and they will become hostal to you and your team] however if the other team kills too many of them and they will help you and your team out)

                            Low Orbit
                            CQS-Nightfire (very large space station floating above Earth attackers must stop a WMD from being fired down into Earth both the White House and China's Presdental Palce defender must hold off untill the WMD is fired takes place when the LMC boght into the Atlas N.E.X.A.S Missle Crisis [refreence of the Cubain Missle Crisis {
                  }] and they asked the NEG to make sure the N.E.X.A.S missles dont get launched into Earth)
                            World of Faries
                            CQS-Nightmagic (very large space station floating above The World of Faries, attackers must stop a WMD from being fired down into The World of Faries and preventing the extintion of the fairies, defender must hold off untill the WMD is fired takes place when the LMC boght into the Atlas N.E.X.A.S Missle Crisis [refreence of the Cubain Missle Crisis {}] and they asked the NEG to make sure those N.E.X.A.S missles dont get launched into The World of Faries and the faries becom extinct)
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                              Originally posted by borgqueenx View Post
                              I'm very happy that onslaught and assault are included out of the box

                              To be honest the gametypes were perfect. Don'd add or take from them.
                              +1 Onslaught was great. It would be cool seeing all the classic Onslaught maps with the new improved graphics of the U4 Engine. But yeah the Onslaught gametype was perfect IMO; I liked it better than UT3's warfare.


                                About Invasion... In UT2004 the normal Invasion is quite abandoned, because it is kind of boring. Most players play RPG invasion which has a leveling system. Isn't it be a cool idea to make a level up Invasion game? :P
                                Also... there was a mutator in UT2004 too, which allowed the players to place sentinels. Sentinels weren't really too strong, but they were enough for defending certain points. I've always thought about that maybe it would fit in ONS. Ofc each player could place only a certain amount of sentinels and no more. (It was 3 or 4, depended on the server's setup) What do you think about it? Oh and the weapons of the sentinels could be customized (there were many versions including a shock, link, minigun, rocket launcher and I've also seen instagib shock too).