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    TAM become popular in 2k4 because it was a melting pot / cess pool for all of the other game types. People from invasion, instagib, ctf, tdm and dm could all play an easy-to-learn, balanced playing field of a game type. It picked up popularity because people were lazy and TDM/CTF was too unbalanced for most. The skill range / gap in 2k4 (and I'm sure 99) was larger when the game required some sort of skill, other than starting with all weapons and learning maps; this is where TAM came in.

    TAM didn't pick up its full player base until TDM and CTF started to fade away. It also had the support of the developers, their money and their tournament/ranking system GINA ( The dev's who were later hired by Quake). The 3SPN dev's created a solid website, match making server and product. They also had money. Did i mention money?


    And yes, TAM is Quake CA.

    Oh, and no. Not the default, but sure, make it an available gametype.
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      Lets put it like this, the only UT I play these days is TAM so there must be something good
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        I play Clan Arena all the time on Quake Live and it's probably my favorite gametype besides standard TDM. I'm in favor of this being a game mode, but this shouldn't be the default gametype. I voted no.

        The default gametypes should really be the original gametypes that were included in Unreal Tournament since its inception, your standard Deathmatch, TDM, CTF and Duel (1v1) modes. As much as I like the idea of TAM, making it the default game mode would just turn UT into Counter-Strike, and for team vs. team elimination type gameplay, Counter-Strike already has that corner of the market with its Bomb Defusal and Hostage Extraction game types.

        As said before, I am in favor of this being another game type on its own. And Pro players especially can stick with it as their default gametype for competitive play.


          Is anyone actually developing it?
          I live for TAM.. I wish more than anything that it'll be added.


            Yes it's called Last Team Standing in UT4 and is on some of the non-Epic servers.
            Current Main Issues: Tri-Rox (Remove), Scoreboards lack player stats,Team Balance.

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