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Combat Viper Racing

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    Combat Viper Racing

    Just something I've always wanted to play, ever since my 1st ride on a Viper way back when. Chaos & Friends even had a working 'proof of concept' version some years ago, complete with a couple test maps, but not sure it still exists (perhaps with Tim or John or Pepito or Mons or Solid Snake or ... ?)

    Combat Viper Racing (CVR)

    - To create a high quality type in the combat racing genre.

    - Playable online or offline with bot support

    Combat racing, based on the Viper vehicle (and only the Viper) which was included with UT3.

    Players will spawn on Vipers at the starting line of a racing track. They will race to be the first to the finish line. They will fight each other along the way, and when killed they will quickly respawn on their vipers (near where they died) and continue the race.

    Each instance will consist of several races, that add up to a match. Each race will award points to the top finishers. At the end of the specified number of races, total points are added up and a winner declared.

    Example scoring per race:

    1st place = 5 points
    2nd place = 4 points
    3rd place = 3 points
    4th place = 2 points
    5th place = 1 point

    Common Questions:
    Why create this game type?
    It is an excellent opportunity to create an exciting game type, that is relatively unique to the Unreal world, and that can be enjoyed by players online and offline.

    Where do the races take place?
    Players will race on tracks that have a great variety of themes, as is normal for games/maps in the UT series.

    What do players control, what do they actually do?
    Players will control one viper, and it's weapons. They will be able to race through the tracks while simultaneously fighting with opponents.

    Design Issues to be addressed:
    -Players joining mid game
    Proposal is to allow them to join and begin racing right away. They of course may not win, but that is the Law of Online Gaming, and there's nothing new there. If however they haven't missed too much of the match, they can still have a chance at winning. Granted there is less chance of them winning the current race, but that's the Law of Online Gaming again. With proposed scoring system however, they can still try to be a top finisher in the remaining races, and possibly still win the match.

    Possible Server Options:
    - How many races total vs How many points to win

    - Possibility of Team CVR

    Potential Viper Tweaks (based on UT3 version)
    - Speeding up the default speed of the Viper (perhaps by 10% to start with). It is anticipated that this will be preferred for this game type.

    - decreasing the ROF of the Viper.

    - increase damage done when a Viper collides with it's world, but slightly decrease the amount of damage done to Vipers by other Vipers.

    Basic coding steps include:
    - Players must start within a Viper

    - Players must not be allowed to voluntarily leave their Viper

    - Remove the kamikaze ability

    - Lap racing mechanic implementation. All maps must be circular in designs, with the Start and Finish positions in the same place

    - Allow maps to have branching pathways

    just like that one? ;-)

    no, really, i like the idea, but it should come in a mod-format. not included in the original game.