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Vehicle deathmatch.

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    Vehicle deathmatch.

    This is my idea:

    Why not make Deathmatch but with vehicles?

    Not maps where there is one vehicle and all players try to take over it to dominate (I hated those kind of maps aswell.).

    So basicaly this is how it works: in this gamemode you spawn in a vehicle, when the game starts you choose in which vehicle you want to spawn with.
    when you spawn in a vehicle, YOU CANNOT LEAVE IT.

    There are Vehicle dedicated pickups, that can be: Vehicle repair (acts like Health pickup.) Nano-shield (Acts like Shield pickup.), Super-repair (Acts like super health pickup.), which you can collect it and repair above your vehicle's max HP's (Max of super health is twice of your standard max health), etc etc etc, ends with a U damage and Berserker pickup.

    That is what i thought.
    Shock Therapy.

    This is where we begin to have to question the borders of UT. IMO it is not UT anymore if you have no option of playing the entire match on foot if you want. Vehicles have always been only a part of the toolbag a player has, they don't become the player themself. I'm ok with a vehicular DM mode, much as we have vehicle CTF, but it needs to make sense.

    If you say "well why wouldn't it make sense", my thinking is simply that the devs have stated before that they want consistent player movement rules throughout all the gametypes. If there is a mode without the ability to move in the same way as the other modes, well then, how is it even the same game anymore.
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      I think this is great idea. Would be a nice mod to onslaught and vctf! If someone can make it


        I get where you are going, but,
        Yuck. Stuck in a vehicle in UT !
        Unless it is a full featured mod like UnWheel, I don't see the point.

        There are vehicle mods for DM in the previous UTs. I regularly DM with vehicles in all the Onslaught and VCTF maps.
        The vehicles are used just like the weaponry, so that when it becomes a liability or served its purpose you can discard it.
        People-carrying becomes a bit more of a useful thing as you are not storming map nodes.

        I would prefer to see DM have some ex-military, industrial, home-made, A-Team style vehicles for speedy deployment and protection in large DM maps.
        Passengers can shoot out of the doors etc, but the driver just drives.
        Who wants a UT99 FOOD FIGHT ?