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My suggestion on improving onslaught/warfare gamemode.

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    My suggestion on improving onslaught/warfare gamemode.

    So firstly, i want to introduce new featrues and return back of the old existed feature in the previous UT games.

    So let me begin to introduce the features for onslaught game mode.

    Custom link setup.

    Any one remeber the old feature in the UT2K4, the ability to edit/create a link setup in the correct map? I want this feature to be reintroduced into UT4 ONS/Warfare gamemode, but you know with many new more features, some kind of Node settings.
    Node Types - Sets the type of nodes how they work and when they work, etc.
    Standard Node
    - I'm sure you know what is that?
    Countdown Node - You know, when you capture the node and a countdown starts, you able to set the amount of seconds it will took to it to reach to 0 seconds, set the event that will happen when count down reaches 0, such as damage the enemy core or certain enemy node (Then it turn into neutral after countdown finished, other nodes that connected with this node will get isolated if they dont have connection to the powercore.) or spawn vehicles this node have (Note, vehicles will not avaiable when you only capture if you set this option, only after count down.), or simply no event, like limited time node access, that could create new concept.
    Node Accessibility - The accessibility of the Node, example, node already owned by red team at the start of the match, the node does not need connection to the powercore to be captured, etc.
    Free Accessibility - Node can be captrued at any time, Does not matter if your powercore is connected to that node, you can capture it.
    Free Red only - Same as the "Free accessibility" but only red team has access to it, however, the opposing team can destroy it, but cant capture it.
    Free Blue only - Same as the "Free accessibility" but only blue team has access to it, however, the opposing team can destroy it, but cant capture it.
    Immortal node - Basicaly same as "Free accessibility" node, but when a certain team captures it, it cannot be destroyed by the opposing team, it remains forever for the team that captured it.
    Red Immortal node - Like the "Immortal node" but already owned by red team when the game starts.
    Blue Immortal node - Like the "Immortal node" but already owned by blue team when the game starts.

    Now imagine if you setup a Immortal count down node with "None" event, connected to the enemy core, It's like you able to attack the enemy core only for X amount of seconds, in that time, the opposing team can do is only defend untill the Immortal countdown node expires so the opposing team can capture it and take revenge. that would give a new and very cool gameplay to ONS/Warfare gamemode.

    Map Variations and Themes.

    I'm pretty much sure clear about this. I want to see more map themes with different gameplay variety, The ONS maps we had in UT2004 all are pretty much same themed and vaireted, they all have same gameplay, the only difference is that they have different desing, yet the gameplay remains the same, so what i want, and I'm sure most players here is, having more themes and variations.

    I want to see Space themed maps, where players instead of Footsteps soldiers and Vehicles, they spawn in Spacecraft and use bigger ships like Cruisers or Battleships and etc as "vehicles", and Air only combat themed maps.
    I want to see some kind of "Conquest" themed maps, Very large maps with very heavy vehicle warfare, could be any kind of warfare, Naval and ground, those maps are even much larger than the original large ONS maps in UT2004, with load of powernodes, about x4 or more powernodes than the original large maps, with each powernode covered inside a building, so that means Powernodes are not "Free open tagrets".
    Aswell as i want to see Small ONS/Warfare maps, some without vehicles, and some with a few small vehicles like Scorpion or manta, and could be necris counterparts aswell.

    Vehicle Changes i want to see, if everyone agrees with this one.

    So, let me list the changes i want to see in the following Vehicles:
    Manta - Just one single change; small increase In It's HP's, because It's just way too fragile, mainly against AVARiL's and Raptor's missiles. same should be done to It's Necris counterpart the Viper.
    Scorpion - Like above, small increase I'n It's HP's, so goliath for example wont one-shot the scorpion, and change In It's weaponary, It should carry Rocket laucher, i mean the rockets wont lock on enemy targets, but just change the weaponary from those weird looking "Disk" that the scorpion in UT3 had to rockets, they do same damage and have same splash range and damage and fly in same speed as those "Disks" projectiles, only just cjange In It's projectile model. So the vehicle would trully look like a "Fast assault vehicle" in a short abreveature "FAV".
    Goliath - A little make it taller, and decrease the Gun depression, if you dont know what is gun depression, then It's the amount of Degree it can turn up-down verticaly It's gun. Note, only decrease the degree it can turn the gun down verticaly, not up. Decrease the splash damage by half, the damage of the projectile It self remains same, or could be a little increased to compensate it. Increase the amount of HP's to compensate it all. basicaly the changes are to made it more effective heavy assault vehicle, and not a ultimate killing machine, so that Footstep soldiers will have a little higher chance to fight up against the goliaht, like able to flank it easier since even flanked the goliath will still kill you in single shot, it will be an anti-vehicle vehicle, and not that much effective against footstep players, against footsteps to deal with is the work of the hellbender.

    That is all for now.

    Shock Therapy.