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    Default Duel Gametype


    I would like to hear the opinion of some top duelers in regards to the current implementation of it in UT4. Since I have been pretty inactive the last few month I can't really talk for everyone. But some things I noticed:

    - 10mins timelimit seems to low (every previous UT was 15mins by default)
    - Duels seem to be pretty defensive and it seems to be really easy to get away
    - The "Shieldgun" seems to be pretty strong and supports the defensive playstyle
    - It seems to be extremely hard to come back once your Opponent is in Control unless you land a lucky flak shot or triple rocket

    Some suggestions that could help:

    -15mins timelimit
    -lower Belt respawntime (makes it harder for the controlling player to control all the Items)
    -make armor stack (2 times Vest --> 150 Armor or even 200 on 75% absorb)
    -Start adding additional powerups to the duel maps --> megahealth or even the amp (was done in ut2k3 dueling)

    But those are just my observations and probably you guys have some completely different experience,, UT 4 ever!

    Sorry if this has been discussed already:

    IMHO there doesn't have to be just ONE version of duel (or other relatively complex modes). There should be slightly different versions, of which one is the highest level competitive settings, and the other a less involved thing. In what sport don't the kids first play a simplified rule version of it, at least if it eventually gets as complicated as duel does?

    They should still have the same general ideas, so when you want to try more difficult settings you'll know it'll be "mostly the same but"...

    Version 1 (default when playing bots):
    - item timers displayed (soooooo good for beginning players)
    - I guess NOT choosing spawns (is that easier? as a new player you wouldn't know what to do with this?)
    - some other helper-type things?
    - Probably 10 minute time limit is better to avoid fatigue.
    - Leave spawn protection on?

    Version 2 (default for online):
    - More like before if that's what we want. But taking the spectators into account as well as players, whatever that means. The players need to be grateful, not *****y. Being good at the game doesn't mean you're good for it.
    - There's arguments for getting to choose your spawn each time like in Showdown, I'd imagine. Maybe this would also make it less difficult to get back up after losing control. At least you're not getting spawn fragged tons. If someone wants to hear more of my arguments for this please ask but like always, you have to first step outside the box.
    - No need for spawn protection if you can choose the spawn. If you want the most distant spawn each time, go for it!

    snT: Why do you only want the top duelers to have a word? Sure they should have more of a word for their version of it, but again... there's no guarantee their opinions are better than other people's. They're useful to have around for testing specific hypotheses. But if the objective of the game is mostly just to be fun to play, it cannot succeed at that by just catering to one tier of players, or making too many compromises. And who even says you need to "graduate" into the "real thing" later on? Anyway those aren't your words, those are mine to be clear.

    Also why specifically is 15 minutes better than 10? You're not elaborating at all.
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      Don't get me wrong, I love feedback from everyone and if you read carefully, I am out of the whole thing for too long that's why I ask for some input from those who play it on a regular base. And in the end it will be the top tier players who will need to play the duels in tournaments. But you are right of course, anyone's word deserves to be heard.

      In regards to the 15mins, I don't really know, at the moment with the current balance I just think it is boring to spectate a match with only 1 or 2 frags in it. Does not really make it better with 15mins but maybe the players will then take a little bit more risk in the beginning minutes. Other than that I am not opposed to 10mins at all, just wanted to know why it is 10mins now and not 15mins as it was before,, UT 4 ever!



        10 is better for tournaments (bo3,bo5), and for fatigue reasons aswell. Also, 10 mins is enough to decide who plays better. Duel is far from defensive, almost all the top tier players has a pretty agressive gamestyle. Control suppose to be hard to break, thats why it called control /actually 1 combo, a headshot or a good flak is enough to make things even/. If a game punishes you for sloppy play, thats not an issue, thats a feature imo. I would love to toy with amp in duels.
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          10 minutes isn't enough to come back if you made a small mistake early on. I think this is what's causing the big fluctuations in scores, where one match you can win 10/5, and the next you lose 5/10. With the current armor system and difficulty for the out of control player, it makes more sense to have 15 minute games.

          Or we could work on the armor system to make it harder to control all the items and I think 10 minutes could work then.


            We need a votesystem that can be used during the game to restart the match or change the map before the time runs out like utcomp delivered.
            I also think that current duel maps are very hard to counter your opponents maplock because of the lack of more vials on the map. dm-asdf is horrible in that regard and the poor spawning points don't help to counter that at all. I tend to get flak and bio spawns a lot on this map which is a free frag for you opponent when he has all the weapons.
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              Originally posted by LotBlind View Post
              Being good at the game doesn't mean you're good for it.
              That's a great way of putting it!

              Many of the better players aren't interested in what's best for the game. All they really care about is what they think is best for them. What they think will turn a 30-2 win into a 30-0 win or change things so the way they prefer to play is clearly the best.