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Idea: jetpack+flying skates in VCTF

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    Idea: jetpack+flying skates in VCTF

    I know Epics haven't release this gametype yet but i hope they will.

    Hoverboards in UT3 were good but I always had a feeling that idea is not polished - something was wrong with it, and falling from skateboard after catching a rocket - meh.
    Without skateboards VCTF would be slow and boring. Player without vehicle and without speed - dead meat. Running won't help.

    What if in UT4 VCTF each player have skates with jetpack, so we can run faster and fly a bit.
    Not such crazy running-flying speed like it was in famous Tribes but a bit similar.

    For example: Each player spawn with jetpack+flying skates
    Running in VCTF activates flying skates which are more faster then usual running
    Jetpack is a bit similar to infinity jumpboots.
    And while player is full of movement and have some advantages to vechiles, we dont need spesial Rocke Launcher for vehicles, ordinary RL with lock-on will be enough.

    Here some Tribes
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