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    Orb Collector

    This is a game type that I always thought would be great but I'm not aware of any game making it yet. In particular, I think it would be good for casual players because everyone gets to have an impact. More skilled players will find it a great challenge too as the tide turns...

    The game works with 2 teams, but would be best with 3 or 4.

    Each team has 2 or 3 spawn zones and an Orb base. They're not too close together.

    The game starts and 5/7/9 Orbs spawn on the map. Each team, races to collect the Orbs. Every player can carry 1 Orb. They can shoot, dodge, etc but not translocate without dropping the Orb.

    the idea is to return the Orb to your base in order to start generating points, e.g. 1 point every 10 seconds per Orb.

    The start of the game is a land grab, but the big part of the game is that you can steal Orbs from opposing bases. This not only stops an enemy from scoring, but if you get the Orb back to your base then you start scoring points.

    I think this dynamic makes it a tactical game, frantic and with a lot of action. The downside is that you would need at least 4 players to make it enjoyable - the more, the better! Here's an example of how a game may go:

    Red, Blue and Yellow all have 4 players each and there are 5 Orbs available.
    The game starts, Red and Blue send 1 player to their closest Orb and 3 into a middle/contested Orb.
    Yellow sends everyone to rush the Blue Orb.
    Red claims their Orb and starts scoring, but Blue lose their Orb to Yellow who also pick up their own Orb on the way back. Blue's attacking players have picked up another Orb and battle Yellow on the way through the map. Yellow survives but with only 2 players so they can only take Orbs to base.
    R1, B0, Y2
    Blue knows the location of a dropped Orb and collects it. Red claims the other contested Orb.
    R2, B1, Y2
    Red sees that Yellow have been scoring slightly earlier and invades their base with 3.
    Blue sees Red going for Yellow and sends their attackers to Red.
    Yellow fights off Red with 2 Orbs in tact, but Blue out-numbers Red's remaining defender and steals both Orbs.
    R0, B3, Y2
    Red is more than a little peed off with Blue and sends all 4 men to them. Yellow keeps 2 in defence (as they have been ticking up the points and in the lead) and send 2 to attack Blue.
    Yellow manages to clean up at the end of the Red/Blue battle and finishes off the last defender, taking both Orbs home!
    R0, B1, Y4
    Yellow now clearly in the lead get attacked by Red and Blue. An unspeakable bond occurs between Red and Blue as they try to cut Yellows lead and they gang up on Yellow. As soon as Yellow are all dead they grab a couple of Orbs each and the bonds end as they battle it out.
    R2, B2, Y1

    You get the idea. A constantly shifting battleground for all standards. The more skilled will do well, but will be ganged up upon resulting in a greater challenge, more casual players will still be able to get in and steal orbs, battle with the help of their team mates, etc.

    Now we justneed someone to make it
    Current Main Issues: Tri-Rox (Remove), Scoreboards lack player stats,Team Balance.

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