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    Idea: Unreal War

    Unreal War (temp name)

    A team-based game type that features single-life, multi-round combat and a revival system (similar to freeze tag). The focus of this mod is to create an atmosphere condusive to teamwork and communication, on a playing field that is well-suited to fair and competitive play.


    • Two teams (five players per side) face each other in round-based, single-life combat. The 1st team to win 3 rounds is the victor. Each round is 5 minutes long, but the round will end as soon as one team has defeated all of its opponents.
    • Each player has only one life, but can be revived up to two times per round (the 3rd down will destroy their body). After a player's life reaches zero, their body will drop to the ground and they will be unable to move until they are "revived" - Note: downed bodies can't be moved or destroyed. To revive a teammate, a player must stand directly over the 'downed' player for 5 seconds. Interruptions to this process will cancel the revive. Players will only drop their equipped weapon upon death - a 'downed' player will retain their weapons. A newly revived player will start with only 100 health, but will begin to regenerate to the maximum pool of 140 after 5 seconds.
    • All players start each round with an Enforcer (full ammo capacity), Impact Hammer, Link gun, and Flak Cannon (Flak cannon's secondary fire mode will consume 5 ammo per use and it will only start with 15 ammo).
    • Each player starts with a health pool of 140 and no armor. If a player receives damage, they will begin to regenerate health if they remain undamaged for 5 seconds. Health will be regenerated at a rate of 20 hp per second until either the health pool is filled, or the player once again takes damage.


    • The maps are all to be symmetrical in design and feature 3x 'power weapons' (e.g. Sniper, Shock Rifle, Stinger, Rocket Launcher, Redeemer, Bio rifle) spread through the center of the map between the two teams (think Gears of War map design). This weapon placement is meant to encourage immediate confrontation, discourage camping, and to disperse teammates somewhat as the players are forced to make tough choices of where to focus their attention.
    • The maps will not feature Health items or ammo pickups and will only rarely have a single power item or piece of armor located at the center of the map.

    Yes, this game type is heavily inspired by Gears of War. No, I don't think that is a bad thing. If anyone is interested in creating this game type, I would be thrilled! I would also love to try to help out by attempting to create maps, but I haven't used the map editor since Unreal, so please be patient.

    Note: All variables subject to change for balancing purposes. Suggestions and feedback welcome!

    I like the idea.
    Another crazy idea brought to you by richardboegli ;P


      Not sure about this, would love to see it fleshed out so I could try it though


        Sounds like improved clan arena... I think it would be worth testing.