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    Gametype Idea

    Hi all, I'm not a game designer or know anything about game development but I think I have a few nice idea's, both for game-type and possible new weapons.

    1. Game-mode:
    How about some kind of base-attack. Both teams have a home-base with something in it that has to be destroyed by the other team (I was thinking about a big red and blue energy ball). Also each kill you make does damage to the others energy ball so you can win the round with both offensive and defensive playing. Offcourse a rocket launcher to the heart of the base does more damage then killing a bunch of guys but you get the idea...

    2: Portal-gun
    A special gun, like the redeemer. Just like the portal game you can fire of an entrance and exit portal which are linked. the portal will be up for only a small matter of time but can bothe be used by you aswell as other players so you should be careful on how to use it...

    Hope you guys like it? Contact me if you would like to use the ideas or want to discuss then!


    I'm sure that they will implement warfare - which is a base destroying game from UT3 / 2k4. Adding the frags damaging the core could be an interesting dynamic, though.

    They're also working on Assault, which is an attack vs defence game.

    i think the portal gun might be problematic in CTF when someone opens a portal next to both flags!
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