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    I'm not sure why you think regular duel maps aren't suitable? Duel maps aren't balanced UNLESS weapons spawn far apart.

    It's a mode that's possible to test very easily: you just get on a duel server but don't ready up. After collecting every weapon you hit a bind that makes you go "DONE!" so you can tell who won. Then you both suicide at the same time and the next round begins.

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    #3 seems crazy and fun, but it would need its own maps, with weapon spawners far from each other.

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    Several Game Type Ideas

    Hi! I've been developing game modes for another game a lot in the past (without really delving into the code, just using cvars or the equivalent) and seeing as this subforum seems a bit quiet at this time, I wanted to present a few ideas for modes I thought might be transferrable to UT4. I'm mostly a Quake Live player myself and so I don't know UT4 all that well, the different maps etc. and as such rely on more experienced players to make certain calls here... Also I realize just posting ideas is not doing much, but it's
    a) what I feel I'm best at and
    b) really all I can do! I can't even run the game properly on my weaksauce computer. + don't have the energy or time

    Also though these ideas all spawned in the context of another game, as mentioned I picked a few by hand that I felt might be appropriate here. Someone else has to implement whichever ones they like as otherwise they're going to be left as they are.

    1) Danger Squash
    -Deathmatch with any number of players, even 1v1 (can also do TDM/Last Team Standing-type rules)
    -weps: just the grenade launcher - alternatively flak secondaries might work too? Third idea: just the biorifle.
    -idea is to get killed as many times as you can during the match while avoiding killing others
    -score is simply your deaths minus your frags
    -the game forces you to keep firing the weapon through the whole match/round
    -you cannot hurt yourself with your own weapons or impact hammer or anything, nor can you get points for jumping off cliffs or using other environmental hazards to suicide
    -therefore the way to score is to find other players, see where they're shooting and try to get there in time to get hurt or killed by it

    Now I can tell you this works in Quake Live, and here's a video of it if you like:

    As I said I never implemented this on the code level, so players just had to keep the fire button down themselves but I'm sure that's no problem to make automatic (?). The right maps give fairly intense gameplay (mainly so it's not too flat and not too big) where you have to think about several things at once:
    a) Where are the opponents spamming their projectiles?
    b) Can I get there in time or should I look for another opportunity?
    c) Meanwhile where should I place my next projectile so no-one can get to it?

    In the Quake mode I also left item spawning on (for health and armor) so you simultaneously had to AVOID picking those up - just another way to mess with you a bit more but not necessary. There's a specific modifier in Quake Live that makes damage taken convert into health items that spawn all around you to give you even more to think about but I'm sure that can be dropped also. On the other hand such a modifier would make more sense than just leaving the item spawning on because it's a bit arbitrary where they spawn and many times avoiding them is really trivial - it will make the mode look lazily implemented.

    Some considerations:
    -you can't let there be unreachable places (e.g. off cliffs) that you can spam which limits the map pool into indoors maps
    -the projectiles have to have some delay between firing and dissipating so you have realistic chances of reaching them in time, hence the three weapons/fire modes I suggested, but I'm sure you could even create a modified weapon for this mode if desired
    -map should have teleporters, jump pads etc. for more interesting movement but I think this ties in with the map being fun to play in general, except this mode doesn't really allow for impact hammer jumps or such, unless you can implement an "off-hand" weapon like a grappling hook or the translocator without it stopping the constant spam from the main weapon.

    While that's already a lot to chew on, here's a second mode with simpler rules...

    2) Hide & Seek & Destroy!

    -hide and seek except when you find someone you also have to hit them with a shock primary (only weapon given)
    -very casual and very relaxed (but also kinda exciting when you're not sure if you're going to get caught)
    -each player gets 3 minutes (or so) to find all other players, scoring could be e.g. 1 point for each player found + 5 points if you found everyone within the time limit
    -have to implement "deathspec": when you die you are moved to spectators and may freecam until next round

    Yes it's a game of luck for a large part, but also fast movement, outsmarting your opponents, and hitscan aim. It represents what I call "party modes" in which if you're taking it seriously, you've already lost! The biggest difference between Quake Live and UT4 would be that it's probably somewhat easier to hit someone with the QL rail gun than it is shock primaries in UT to my understanding.

    On the code level it should automatically choose who's seeking the others and make only the seeker have the weapon. The seeker should be visible to all players at the start of the round so they know where they're coming from.

    Let's go one more!

    3) Hoard Duel/Full Arsenal

    -1v1 mode on duel maps that proceeds round-for-round
    -may implement spawn selection or then not
    -goal is to be the first player to have acquired every weapon on the map! you may do whatever you like to try and hamper your opponent or just race across the map unseen.
    -may leave item spawning on so you have to think about whether to invest time in collecting more armor and health or just rush the weapons instead
    -first to 7 rounds or something

    That's it for this one! It's a ridiculous amount of fun in QL (I don't have a video...), especially when your opponent is almost done but you manage to just save it by getting the kill. Then they get the counter-frag and the round goes on...