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Game suggestion: Relic Master

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    Game suggestion: Relic Master

    Another game mode idea that I don't believe has been done in any game yet It's a shame I lack the skills to create it!

    This is a round based team game that would work on any map - DM, CTF, etc. The game starts as the map normally would but there are 3 relics which spawn on the map as a one-off random replacement for pickups (weapons, health, power-ups, etc).

    A player can pick up 1 relic at a time and that relic then becomes their only weapon. The primary fire will mimic a slightly over-powered version of a weapon in the game, e.g. Single rocket, flak shot, shock beam. The alternate fire is a beam like the link alt fire. Similar to the uDamage, firing whilst you have a relic gives off a sound (but not quite as loud).

    The relic can be thrown down to the ground and will stay there until it is picked up again, whilst the player will have full access to the normal weapons again. This also allows one player to move and protect more than 1 relic or risk the drop to pick a more appropriate weapon for the situation. If it is thrown off the map it will respawn. The UI shows the direction of each relic as long as your team was the last to touch it. When the enemy touches the relic, it will be hidden from the UI until a friendly player touches it again. This means you must use the sounds and team play to find missing relics.

    When you hold a relic, the alt beam can charge another relic. It takes 5 seconds to charge and stays charged for 15 seconds. To win the round, your team must have all 3 relics charged at the same time for 5 seconds. Players can continually charge to keep the 15 second count down active. The "easiest" way to do this is to have 3 players holding a relic each, charging each other.

    If an enemy player touches a relic that your team has charged, the charge is lost. So the challenge is to pick up all 3 relics and bring them together, dedicate a short space of time to charging them and keep all relics safe for the 5 seconds. Once you do that, you win the round. Of course, the opposing team will be trying to kill your players holding the relics and take them for themselves! he winner is the one with most points after 20 minutes are up.

    What do you think?
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    Mhm, this is quite nice. It needs a playable prototype, though. UT4 Editor has got Tutorials & Walkthroughs that could help you in Blueprint Programming.

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      Okay. Firstly I'm going to say it shouldn't come as a surprise this exact thing hasn't been seen (probably) before: it's not the simplest concept and there's lots of stuff that hasn't really been seen. What inspired you by the way?

      Secondly I'm going to say I don't really know if this would work on CTF etc. symmetric maps that well seeing as the two bases and symmetric halves don't REALLY play that big a role. UNLESS what you did was one relic was to spawn at your flag (or a random spawn in your base), one at the very center, and third one at their flag. If you don't want to make the first spawns like that you could take DM maps and play on those with random spawn points or wep spawns as you say being where relics are born.

      Xonotic at least has a mode kinda like this where you need to bring keys together but they don't really change your weapons or do anything else either, nor do you have to charge them or anything.

      I'm thinking the way holding relics affects your abilities needs to be pretty clear - so having each relic be in the shape of a glowing weapon, giving you that weapon (maybe even just give them that weapon's primary with infinite ammo and that's all they get) - might be a good idea. If they're going to give you superpowers, I think that also needs to be kinda clear-cut so it doesn't feel arbitrary. I'm guessing the idea is picking a relic up is more a handicap than a bonus for your fighting?

      Other than that prototype would be next step. But sounds like a valid idea certainly.