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    [PROTOTYPE] MUTATOR Moving Combos Only


    This simple mutator was originally designed with moving combo practice in mind.
    It's been expanded upon to include a fun mode as well.

    v1.2 Details
    • Only shock rifle
    • Unlimited Ammo
    • Config menu to select modes

    • Beam and cores do 0 damage
    • Knockback for beam almost tripled, core unchanged
    • Combos are instant kill if in any bit of the radius

    Moving Combos Only:
    • Beam and cores do 0 damage
    • Knockback for beam and core unchanged
    • X/Y movement threshold: 400
    • Z movement threshold: 300* (Roughly 1.25 jumps)
    • Unless movement threshold is reached, combo does 0 damage
    • Buzzer will sound if not enough movement before combo
    • If movement threshold is reached, combo does default damage

    Note: A combination of these can be selected. If none are selected, it will become an infinite ammo Shock Rifle arena.

    Download PAK file

    Where to play?
    If you add this mutator to your hub, let me know, and I'll add it to this list!
    HUB List:
    Absolute (New York) [Running MCO v1.0]

    • Changed mutator name to "ComboGib"
    • Added ComboGib, MCO, and combination modes
    • Added config UI

    • Raised buzzer volume and pitch
    • Restored knockback properties to beam and core
    • Optimized movement math

    Special thanks to Scoob for math help and getting me started on the config UI.
    Thanks to Wail for pointing me in the right direction to get the sound working properly.
    Last edited by x3-StarMech; 01-26-2016, 08:55 AM. Reason: Update for v1.2
    Gametypes: Lockdown
    Mutators: Moving Combos Only