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Petition for Freeze Tag Gametype

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    Petition for Freeze Tag Gametype

    This thread is to get feedback as to who is really interested in Freeze Tag and to give you a voice to get Epic's attention.
    I have been an area FPS player for a long time now. From UT99, to Q3A, to UT2K4, to HL2, etc etc etc.
    Almost every single online competitive FPS game I have ever played seriously in clans has had some form of a Freeze Tag mod.
    With that said I think its about time that it be included as a core game type and here is why I say this over a mod.

    For one the game type is not that far off from LTS etc. The only difference is that everyone needs to be frozen and it adds the ability for a teammate to un freeze a player.
    Two this has a very competition feel to it and should not be over looked. I envision this as being one of the popular game types in esports events.
    Three when you do not include it as a game type it may gain community traction and become popular but it also may not. However if it doesn't it may not be because its fun but rather the exposure the mod has.
    Many people like to mod and play mods but many don't. Many like to play the game as the developers intended and thus would write off even trying the mod.

    Either way, again this gametype has been added to every single FPS game I have played in the past as a MOD.
    It is insanely popular and I feel if Epic added it as a standard game type it would give it the exposure needed to become standard.

    So please if you fee the same way post here. Post here and let your voice be heard.
    Do you like LTS? Post here! I can't imagine you would not like freeze tag.

    Thank you for taking the time out to share your valuable feedback!

    Hmm, so you know LTS? LTS is a custom mod. The same way FreezeTag exists. Not sure if you are actually aware of it (reference) but his mod is actually really good and working well.

    The problem with having all these known gametypes in the core would result into a ton of work towards the devs. It would pause other parts of the developement (such as balancing, package versioning etc.). And you only get about every 3 weeks a possible update if bugs exists. A community driven gametype as prototype or even fully working release is likely the way to go and Epic likes to see. It is still time to import such gametype as core feature once the game hits Beta or Release state.

    Looks like you're aware of Frostbyte's gametype.
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