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Four team modes variants

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    Four team modes variants

    I was wondering, could it be fun to have four teams variants for mods ? Assault with a big team of deffenders and three small team of attackers, only one team of attackers can win the round, the two others, and deffence looses, four teams king of the hill, four teams vehicle base capture/deffence mode. And my most developed idea, the one I'm asking to discuss about, four team capture the flag, if your flag is capped, your team loose a point, if you capture the flag of an other team, you get a point, litterally, you have a stock of flags, and you score show how much you have, 0 is your starting number, negative means you finish with that amount of flag less than when you started, and positive means these are extra flags, I don't really know how to explain.

    What do you think ? is it doable ? would it be fun ?

    I dunno about Assault/Onslaught types etc, but for maybe CTF and, for team deathmatch? Absolutely. We should get all four teams as stanard, not a mod.

    Bring back Green and Gold teams please.