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    This is a copy from another thread!

    New build is going to the right direction!

    Rocket Launcher blast radius way too high. Rocket speed nerf not needed.

    However game speed, map size and player count for DM need to be more representative of Unreal Tournament DNA. The standard 8 players for DM is too many. Too many players lead to chaos where you are more likely to get shot from behind. You are also more likely to have a bad spawn. Flak Canon and Rocket Launcher are used in 8 player DM more often because you are more likely to find enemies in effective range for those guns. Therefore you cannot really tell if Rocket Launcher or Flak canon is too effective or not. Personally with this game speed and these maps best player count should be more like 4-6.

    The Unreal Tournament DNA is lost when maps have too many players. It turns into what I like to call SpamReal. The guy who controls the maps and gets all the weapons and other pick ups is not the best player because he spend too much time getting those rather than be killing players after getting the first weapon and this is very common in most 8 player DM matches. Unreal Tournament is a pick up arena shooter for flak sake. When there are too many players killing gets faster, map control and pick ups become more pointless and the game loses the excitement because the game tempo does not change during the game. The tempo is always at its highest and when u play that on and on it gets boring. The excitement of mind games and fear over player who has the map control is gone. Mind games come more pointless when you just need to kill as fast as possible. Actually using you brains comes pointless which seems to be the idea behind SpamReal. The fights over pick ups and mind games are the Unreal Tournament's real DNA but it is missing now from standard DM.

    Some players like this SpamReal chaos and they can have it! All you need to do is to make it non standard custom mode for that. I like the fact that you have different MMR for all the game modes that way they can be compared to other players. Custom matches should not have any ranking system because they differ so much from each other and due to that they are not accurate comparison. All standard game mode rules should be fixed so they can be compared more accurately. The standard game modes should be the ones which represent the Unreal Tournament DNA the most. Do you want this game to be SpamReal Tournament 1 or Unreal tournament 4?



      I've already addressed this in another thread, but small player limits on FFA servers won't work for a simple reason. Or actually for two reasons.

      First : Public servers are rarely full. So if you would set max players on DM at 5, the server would be running with 3-4 players most of the time. And if 2-3 players quit simultaneously (like at the end of the map), the server empties up and dies. You could often find that you're the only player on the server after map change. That's why the player maximum always has to be a bit above the optimum on FFA servers. Or otherwise we have to change to some kind of lobby system, where the players for a match are pre-set and you always start the game with a full player count.

      Second : Limiting player limit adds to the strategical depth and makes item running easier, yes, but it also limits variance. In a 4-5 player DM the best players can become so unstoppable that lesser players have no chance in hell to get any frags. That will not give a nice first impression to newbies and it also accelerates the first point (people leaving and server dying out).