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Deathmatch / Dual (Mutation?) Idea - "No Secrets"

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    Deathmatch / Dual (Mutation?) Idea - "No Secrets"

    Throwing out an game mode idea I had outa the blue before I forget. I've been away a while so if it's been done before than just disregard this post.

    What if the equipment between all players are always shared?

    Ammo for all weapons (for all players) come from the same ammo pool, and any weapons or items picked up are immediately given to all players.

    I think this could be a pretty interesting mode where you'd have to ask yourself things like "Is it worth giving away my position for this?" or "Does the other player have health advantage on me; is giving them this weapon a mistake?" or "If I have health advantage is it worth picking up the health/armor or is it better to go for the quick kill?"
    It would also open up options like wasting ammo for certain weapons to make sure your opponents can't use them.

    I can really only see this being "practical" in small arena matches. (2-4 players)

    I call this mode "No Secrets" because every action taken is broadcast.

    Let me know what you think. Don't know if I'll respond in a timely manner though.