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Showdown Suggestion re: Spawn selection

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    Showdown Suggestion re: Spawn selection

    When you're selecting your spawn location I think it might be nice to have the minimap highlight the spawn-point "closest to X weapon". It would make the process more noob friendly — especially on levels new players don't know that well. Personally I'm having trouble finding weapons within the time limit, and this is on maps I've known for over a year. It's tricky to translate 3D space into a 2D plan, especially when there is no established "North".

    For example:
    The minimap also displays an additional panel with the names of all the weapons and items located in the level. When I hover over each name, the corresponding icon will flash or wobble or something.

    Just a thought yo

    Perhaps hovering over a spawn could display a red dotted line that marks the path to the nearest weapon? It'd help with spawns which look close on the minimap but are actually on entirely different heights to the weapon you're looking for.