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    Nothing better than kicking back blasting monsters invasion all the way


      I would like to see the possibility to play Invasion on DM gametype maps (and ONS/WAR maps as I think the size gives for interesting gameplay, see Invasion Everywhere) and Monsterhunt on maps with MH prefix. That would be the ideal case imo.
      So basically, one gametype that includes both. If the prefix is DM or ONS/WAR, this should give the "Monsterhunt-Invasion" gametype the hint that it shall spawn waves of monsters at navigation nodes (I heard they are no more the default pathing way, so eventually pickups). If a map has the MH prefix, don't spawn waves of monsters and don't set a wave survival limit but let map specific rules (objectives and preset monster spawnpoints) apply.
      S l y .


        if you Speak about Monsterhunt, then should you play again on Pizzi's Server an bit Stronger Monsterhunt..

        and Invasion it is maybe more Team related, but, but if no one on the server makes more fun the Monsters to hunting like collector and hunter ,
        in this case, collection of points and how much death do you have .. points good, death not good

        So, comes some player to, be more fun with fighting with and killing all invasions monsters in an Castle,
        an Dungeon .. in an World or an section of a world or an Town, and.. or an City where have invasion Aliens,
        monsters or Animals and want be shoot/put down and destroyed, what makes there so fun.. it is the hunting,
        or the hunting and destroy in team.. it is not real an Teamgame it is an Frendship art of hunting in frendship,
        any helps any on this place .. be friend or enemy.. and go die .... because,... :
        the Enemy of my enemy it is my friend .. against the enemy and this welded/knits together, ..
        you see ...

        this is what makes MH99 or easy Monsterhunt, the possibility to play alone as single fighter
        or in an Group, together with Friends.. where can build Friendships in real Live.. Clans who fight
        against the Monsters and can fight together against Monster .. 2,3 or four Clans .. from different Lands,
        Frace, english and Germans or maybe Koreans and Chinese together against Monsters or
        brutal Animals.. and Aliens .. maybe .. also Dinosaur ..

        it's not really team related, it's more friend and enemy related ..

        this it is what's make Monster Hunt .. i think ..

        the possible for fight alone.. on an Server or together with friends ..
        where it makes not really an difference where they are come from.. but,
        it creates cross-border friends, exact this it is also very important in Monsterhunt

        best regards


          Originally posted by bananna_manuk View Post
          Nothing better than kicking back blasting monsters invasion all the way

          Yop, I saw the UT3 invasion mod. The low level of imagination used on the UT3 INV maps is rather off-putting. I mean look at the video: 2-3 large empty rooms. And this is what most maps looked like for that mod. Zero effort taken.
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            i haven't played monster hunt but i've played invasion, i've spent a lot of time playing invasion. loved when a lot of people had mics on the server, made the game so much more fun


              then play Monsterhunt UT99 .. and try it .. the UT99-CD should be today very cheap
              and therewith it is for you also possible to play monsterhunt on Pizzi's servers .
              for have an example like it can be .. and this with newest techniques .. woahh..
              more new graphics and more cool.. and more "Unreal".. uaahhh... .. I get goosebumps *g*

              on it, is the invasions-mod just a cheap knock-offs

              best regards


                MonsterHunt was rather good and it had unique gameplay in my opinion, while Invasion can be rather boring after a while.


                  I've played both though monsterhunt has been a very long time ago since I touched that. I found monsterhunt slightly more fun than invasion. Main reason for that is that most invasion maps I played on invasion (RPG) servers were small crappy looking maps where you would hide and shoot through a hole. Not all maps were like that but some were and that was very boring. :l

                  Later on a friend (pdinklag, creator of TitanRPG for UT2004) tried making a gamemode called HUNT which - now crosses my mind - is a UT2004 copy of monsterhunt. A map consisted of multiple rooms with monster spawners which were dynamically adjusted to the player count and stuff. Everyone had a limited amount of lives and what not. It was very great to see monsterhunt return for UT2004 but sadly it came too late and it was never published either I think.

                  But if I have to pick between monsterhunt and invasion, I'd say monsterhunt gets the edge due to maps not being standard maps mostly if I remember correctly.
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                    I like both modes really. I enjoyed the achievement of Monster Hunt, battling away for a goal (sort of like Assault). I also like Invasion, lasting as long as you can against waves of monsters (sort of like last man standing). I think there is room for both. You could even make them more team type matches. Two team battling through Monster Hunt to achieve the end goal first and able to kill each other as well as monsters. For Invasion same thing, two teams trying to out last the other against waves of monsters. You could make it so that if you were killed by another player you could respawn any time during a wave but if you were killed by a monster you had to wait til the end of a wave, or not at all if your team all died and lost.


                      Originally posted by EvilGrins View Post
                      Whatever is ultimately decided, MH or Invasion or a hybridization of the two, the most important thing is to get upgraded monsters. Because with the more impressive graphics of a better game you don't wanna see the old clunky Unreal1 beasties running around.

                      New beasties are needed to keep pace with new environments:

                      hehe, dragons quite be cool hi EvilGrins
                      and we should not forget the Gasbags (or quarkbag's *g*)

                      best regards


                        I've had many fun nights playing RPG invasion. I really want to see that mode made standard because there was nothing like it in any game. The community on those servers were also something special.


                          bahh.. the Monsterhunt have more interesting, and you can be ever and ever surprised,
                          this is not in Invasion, invasion it's an .... the next wave of dumb shooting Monsters be comes..
                          and not really new things.. this is other,
                          if you walk together in the team through an map, and find every new small specials ..
                          and you play in team or alone an whole Adventure through.. and not an Waving .. shoot'em up Monsters..
                          With Monsterhunt can you build up an welded together group .. where experienced shared stories together.. ever and ever with every new map

                          best regards


                            I'd love to see (RPG) UT2k4 Invasion back.

                            In fact, playing RPG Invasions servers was the only reason I got hooked by UT2k4 for years, until the best invasion servers shut down, like e.g. the Godlike server (last wave of a freaking hard server, not very representative of the diversity of monsters though)
                            RPG Invasion servers can be totally addictive if they're well designed.
                            Not to forget that a very nice component of UT2k4 Invasion is the requirement for a very strong cooperative team play (again, if the RPG and/or Invasion waves are well designed).
                            On the other hand, I somehow never got hooked by the MH game type though.

                            But well, from what I've read here it seems that the most demanding effort would be to set up the AI, monsters animations, textures etc. Once this is set-up, including both MH and Invasion would be a second order effort.

                            My vote therefore goes for the 3 game types:
                            • RPG Invasion
                            • Invasion
                            • Monster Hunt
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                              Why not just both? I'm tired of which format is better, as long as both sides get what they wanted everyone is happy, you may not like Invasion and don't want it included due to the boring use of DM maps and not being exotic like MH but some people do like Invasion due to the cooperative approach and the use of 1 life per person unlike the Monster Hunt servers I've been two which has infinite lives and no danger of failure


                                I know I'm digging a very old thread, but there is things to consider.
                                In a way I would like a modern form of Monster Hunt
                                Monster hunt can be designed as a single / multiplayer game while having different structures like Unreal or Zombie games such as killing floor but with item pickups.
                                Also one of the cool things is that variants can exist within the whole concept.