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Why the Hate for Double Domination?

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    I'd like to see a timer for controlling points.


      I played both iDOM and iDDOM actually in both ut99 and 2k4.
      And i have to say that both gametypes had something unique.
      iDDOM really got me frustrated sometimes in a good way, because of the timelimit as people tend to last second save ALOT as you get massively jumped on by a whole team who despirately tries to denie you from scoring.. i just love it.
      It does require proper teamplay to really lock down a map correctly to get points.
      And after a point you have to rearrange your self again for the next round and every other round is a different one.

      iDOM is a straight forward continuous gameplay to me and its nice to play indeed.
      I can't really add anything to regular DOM.
      My preference goes to DDOM, but DOM is awesome aswell i say both in!!

      In the end something in between would be really nice actually.
      2 controlpoints does allow this gametype to be played very flexible with small teams lets say 3v3 up to 5v5 even as i remember in ut2004.
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        Originally posted by Gregori View Post
        Because the matches have potential to go on forever, because of last minute saves. It's annoying.
        Yes, THIS! I played single player campaign on UT2004. On one of the DDOM map I played, the Iron Guard averts the domination to the point of OVERTIME. My bot allies are beefed up custom characters, btw.

        This contrasts with the Assault overhaul between UT99 and UT2k4 where in UT2k4, you can win by going further even when both team successfully defends, preventing battle going in forever. Between DOM and DDOM, DDOM has a strong potential of going on forever while DOM really depends on how long you hold out the points regardless of take-overs


          Personally, I liked classic DOM better. To me, in DDOM when the countdown gets to 5 or less and you're far from a point, I feel like it's an automatic classic DOM I've the feeling that I can always interrupt the opposer's victory...can't explain why xD


            Because of lesser points needed in DDOM? And the fact that in DOM, opponent will always have more than 0 points (unless they suck big time. )


              I wonder if a 3v3 single point King of the Hill gametype might be easier to make work. Multiple control points splits everything up and can feel like a bunch of islands that aren't related and require larger team sizes to make teamwork really relevant, which puts even more strain on sustaining the gametype.

              Forcing players to decide between capping a point and moving out for position/item control wouldn't require multiple points and could help concentrate the gameplay. Some other games have gametypes with a randomly roaming control point that also forces some amount of movement. This also adds a bigger element of luck with spawns however. There'd still be other details to work out, but it would help solve some of the issues with past versions.

              I also loved the CountDown gametype in Red Orchestra 2 but I'm not sure how well it'd work in a game with exaggerated movement/weapons and higher time to kill.

              Just a thought.
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