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Simple Improvements to TAM/SD making it(maybe?) the Best Competitive Gamemode for UT

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    Simple Improvements to TAM/SD making it(maybe?) the Best Competitive Gamemode for UT


    This idea will come from a game type played back in the early days of Counter Strike 1.6 called "Chargers Only". Chargers Only is a game type in CS where only Terrorist side rounds count and each team has a time limit playing on each side. For those of you who are not familiar with Counter Strike (hopefully not many) each team plays on one of two sides, Counter-terrorists (CTs) or Terrorists (Ts). The Ts have to plant the bomb and then defend it until it explodes or eliminate the opposite CT team to earn a round. CTs must prevent the Ts from planting the bomb or eliminate all Ts to win the round. However, in Chargers Only each team plays about 20 minutes on each side and ONLY T rounds count.

    How this game type can be used in UT:
    Certain rules from Chargers Only can be implemented into the main UT game types TAM/Showdown, or maybe even CTF. I will only be talking about TAM/Showdown and how Chargers Only rules can be implemented to improve the game type for competitive play. TAM(Team Arena Master)/Showdown are very similar as game types where two teams kill each other and everyone has only one life. Then the first team to eliminate the opposition will gain a round and then the teams will reset and the next round will begin. The first team to X number of rounds wins the game. Currently the problem with these game modes is there is little to no incentive for one team to actively find and kill the other team. This leads to both teams camping certain areas of the map and not engaging which lends itself to long, boring games and makes it bad as a spectator sport and playing it in general. To fix this we need to put in an objective reason for one team to engage another leading to conflict and exciting action not to mention game progression. In my "Chargers Only" TAM/Showdown of UT one team (call them team A) will be on a time limit with infinite respawns and will be forced into attacking and eliminating the other team (team B). Team B will only have one life per player and once all of Team B is eliminated the round will restart and team A will gain a round point +1. Once the time limit is reached the two teams will switch, Team B will then be attacking and Team A will be defending/living. At the end of the entire game the teams with the most round points (Only obtained on the attacking side) will win the game.

    Pros and Cons to this game type:

    • It will make UT a better spectator sport, easy to follow action (around the defending team).
    • Possibly more fun and prevent camping/slow games
    • It will fix the missing objective/reason for engaging the opposite team

    • Camping might be too powerful on the defending team
    • Suggestions?

    Solutions to possible Cons or Unforeseen problems:

    1. Wouldn't this game lend itself to camping like im saying it will prevent?

    Answer: No, one team will be forced to attack the other in order to win rounds or else they forfeit their chance to win any rounds and therefore the game. Yes, however it does mean the defending team will be camping and trying to stay alive during the rounds. So then how can we address this problem making it so the other team cant camp in one stop and hold down choke points (note* this might not be that bad for the game mode but it might be imbalanced or boring if a team camped in only one area). To combat this problem I suggest:

    Map Design:

    Maps can be created in a way which prevents hardcore camping and promotes fun action while maintaining a balance between attacking and defending teams.
    For example:
    • Maps can be more or less openly spaced to prevent narrow choke points from the defending team camping with rockets/op weapons.
    • This brings up the next point, Weapon Spawns. Weapons spawns can be placed in such as way that forces the defending team to perhaps make a push for the weapons when their ammo runs out thus exposing themselves to the attackers but taking the gamble to get more weapons.

    2. Would the attackers dominate if the defenders couldn't camp at all and they have instant respawns? Rounds might be too short?

    Answer:Maybe but these are things that need to be tweaked and played around with. Are instant respawns for the attacking team too much? Should attackers be punished so they don't just zerg rush at the defenders? (i.e increasing respawn time each death 10s, 20s, 30s) Should defenders start with more health? Should both teams start with equal weapons or should defenders start with full kit and attackers only start with pistols? A lot of things need to go into balancing the game mode before it becomes good.

    • Chargers only game type applied to TAM/Showdown
    • Attacking team is the only team that earns round points
    • Each time has a time limit for both sides
    • Balance can be achieved through map design and respawn time and time limit.

    In Closing:
    Sorry this post was so long and I'm sorry if it's hard to understand at all I just wrote it after taking my last final so my brain is a little fried atm. I just want to help the UT community grow which can be achieved by making it a viable esport. To do this it needs a competitive spectator friendly game mode which I believe can be accomplished by adding chargers only rules to TAM/Showdown game types. I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback on this idea and how we as a community might improve this game mode or if you guys think it will even work. Thanks! =D

    Honestly I think absolute elimination (is that what's it's called?) Has this covered. It's same as Tam, probably a couple small differences. I don't find that there's much camping, rounds only last about 1-2 min. . With the right crowd it's the only mod I can play for hours
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      How does that game mode work?


        Absolute Elimination, is 2v2, 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 game mode, comparable to TDM but you spawn with all weapons/armor and only have 1 life. Once you die you are out for the round. If red kills all blue in a round then red gets 1 point. First team to 10 wins.

        It leads to some very exciting play.

        If you want to try it, start a match on the Absolute hub, it usually doesn't take long for others to join.
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          I've thought about adding the "Chargers Only" mechanic to TAM/Showdown and even duel before. The main problem with it, as you also mention, is that it doesn't really discourage camping across the board.
          IMO designing maps specifically for it isn't an option. It's a huge strength that TAM can work on any map, not having that advantage will make it very difficult to make this happen.