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    Game Mode: Hunger Games

    This works in Minecraft, why not in Unreal.

    Players spawn in a circle and are given movement at the same time. A collection of weapons is at the center.
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    Originally posted by mikepurvis View Post
    This works in Minecraft, why not in Unreal.
    You answered by yourself actually
    How these games are related to each other


      Aren't we just talking about DM here?

      Also don't see this working and matches will be over less than 2 minutes.
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        It sounds like a pretty easy mutator to make. Loadout has a fun way to start the matches for team deathmatch: all players are placed shoulder to shoulder in a circle. At least one of you is going to die, then it goes to standard spawning mechanism. In that game, you always have the guns you created, and players drop an item on death that needs to be picked up to 'confirm' or 'deny' the kill, so it's a little different.


          It would be the same as last man standing..


            So last man standing only you have to get the weapons and ammo yourself?

            And I'm sure a better name for this could be used as opposed to the name of a book.

            It would be better to just keep Last Man Standing IMO.


              Those who played Minecraft's HG or read the book knows it's not simply an one-life LMS.

              1. With LMS/DM random spwaning, and only 24 spawnpoints (one for each tribute) we'd need the playrs to be set in their 'points before the match, not after the countdown ends.

              2. Ranged weapons should be rare in this kind of game, to avoid the match ending at the very beginning. Bas***d Swords, anyone?

              3. The center of the map (where all spawnpoints are) is called cornucopia. Near the end of the match there is a feast, where resources and weapons are there for the first that arrives.

              4. HG works best when maps are random, thus unexpected. Minecraft procedural maps make up for it, UT doesn't.

              5. In the book and the film, the map is a living being. A special event triggers cyclically or ordered by the gamemaker (the admin).

              6. MC's HG has sets (classes) that add a special depth to the gameplay and interact with each other. I don't know how and if it could be implemented into a "UT-HG"

              But wait! I'm not saying there shouldn't be a HG-UT, I'm just saying it's not simply putting together an 1-life LMS and call it Hunger Games. Now here's my suggestions:
              • A new name. Hunger Games is obviously patented, Hardcore Games (MC-HG's new name) doesn't fit in an already hardcore game, lol.
              • Either develop a random map generator, or let mappers do their own UT-HG maps, consequently varying from the woods environments. Just imagine a HG inside a big abandoned industrial facility!
              • Add a set of melee weapons, and scatter ranged weapons across the map


                I'm really liking this idea. Some good possibilities here!


                  Sounds incredibly un-"arena shooter"-ish. Feel free to deliver it as custom mod, but don't expect too much excitement from the community.
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                    It could work...

                    A massive size map, FFA and extremely high HP coupled with terrain monsters or plants that could cause damage.

                    I like this idea.