On Reddit last night I ended up getting into a spat with someone over what he claimed to be lackluster game modes in Overwatch. Which caught my attention because as far as I know king of the hill and payload are widely accepted to be the best modes for fortress game play. WHich is especially interesting to me because I do have a fortress mode in the works for UT4.

So I started asking him if he knows something that would be better and sadly the most I could get out of him is that Tribes had really good CTF. Then after than it was ad hominem. Normally I blow **** like this off but it did get me thinking. What if there is a chance he is right? What if there is a grain of truth to this?

It kind of makes me mad because he resorted to telling me to learn about first person shooters rather than actually explain his point.

Anyway, I never really played much Tribes and never really felt like it was something I would enjoy. The best I was able to do last night was open the wiki and start reading up on it.

So the main difference I was able to see is that Tribes CTF has a secondary objective that also has to be defended or it will make the flag super vulnerable to capture.

Which lead me down more paths of thought. My least favorite thing about capture the flag is when you get a stalemate where both teams have to hide in their bases holding the enemy flag. So its possible a power generator would be a good way to deal with that.

But what if the only way to capture the flag is to have a king of the hill mode take place in the center of the map. Forcing both teams to have to fight it out and contest a center point in order to score a point?

So not much is solidified but I have a funny feeling there is something of value to be gleaned here.