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LOVE Unreal for life hey. WELL DONE on the engine

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    LOVE Unreal for life hey. WELL DONE on the engine

    Good Evening

    I have been playing for 7 hours now and gotta say..

    From playing Unreal Tournament 3 alot and moving over to the new engine, I did notice a big difference in gameplay.
    Not all bad but my fave part of the fast action gameplay was not there anymore, my Flak cannon is quite ineffective from long range and all the projectiles move a bit slower.

    But I think that should be a match option for the end user. to set how fast gameplay can be and I really really cant wait to download the development tools so i can start making my mark in the Virtual universe.
    It really is fantastic that you make us so involved in the process of making a new world. This is the start of a new era. I want to be a part of it, so you can expect to see some mind bending fantasy worlds to raise your adrenaline through the roof.

    Oh quick question to anyone really... Vehicles? Any mods for the pre alpha version yet for that?

    Thanks for this you guys. I haven't been this exited to play a game in a long time


    Flak cannon is supposed to be ineffective at long range. Projectiles are also supposed to move slow. This is by design.

    UT/UC has experimented with letting the server host set game speed in the past and its not a good idea as it fragments the community and can change the gameplay to much server to server. Some servers will still run mods with faster game speed in the future.

    Vehicles will come eventually but they are not planned for the near future. Probably at minimum a year away or more.