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    Team based Competitive Gametypes

    Hi all!
    I restarted to play Unreal Tournament to see where is the developpement.
    Last Night I ended up on a server that had the Elimination gametype which doesn't seem to be part of the current state of the game. I'm not sure, but I know I had to download files 3 times based on that gametype over about 5 games.

    I really like this game mode because everyone is on the same lvl in term of ressources. You have full health and armor with every weapons.
    The only thing you focus on is your position /the position of the team and your skill as a player.
    From what I've seen, it was well balanced. The amount of ammo was perfect because it doesn't allow crazy spamming which is good since it end up relying more on your skill as a player than getting kills from random shot.
    But I guess it's the fact you have a good amount of ammos by default.
    The other feature that I think was good is loosing health/armor when there is only 1 player on each team alive which translate to no hiding.
    All in all it's pretty much like Clan Arena in QuakeLive but with minor changes.

    Am I wrong or by default this gametype is currently not part of the game?
    Also, which gametype do you guys think would be best for Team Based Competitive matches? And Why?
    You don't have to name CTF since I think we all can agree it's a good competitive mode.