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    Try playing on one of the few remaining UT2004 Onslaught servers when they are full. 32 players and crazy custom people are already too much, and you want to extend the UT world into "massive multiplayer"?

    Feel free to create an MMO mod, but core UT itself should be an arena shooter. That means the map size is usually reasonable for around 10 players in team game modes, with some DM maps being even sized only for 2 or 4 people. (Of course I'm not saying that UT4 shouldn't support high player counts. It's always fun to stuff 20 players into an 8 player Jailbreak map. )
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      Originally posted by Wormbo View Post
      It's always fun to stuff 20 players into an 8 player Jailbreak map. )
      MORBIAS 16 ANYONE? lòl


        UnrealEngine 2.5 FTW


          Well i can imagine UT MMO like Destiny, where u have different big areas, you get randomly spawned bosses. At night maybe a zombie attack. You can gather stuff and craft mountvehicles, maybe your own house.

          You can even do survival UT , where the air is toxic and you need to find resources to get water, fresh material or gear to survive the circumstances and of course pvp.

          The ideas are plenty but of course nothing Epic will do but another developer
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