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    Thrash Ball

    Thrash ball is a reference to GoW, not sure if that could still fly at epic..change the name as you will but the OG GoW still reminds me of UT. Also, this is a rough idea.

    The game mode has an arena and a ball. The game starts with all players in the middle and the ball in the center of them. Rounds end once a team has scored. A team scores by bringing the ball to the enemy players goal. I'm partial to elimination style health, that is no health spawns or additional armor(or only health spawns on dead enemies), but I imagine it can work either way and should probably depend on the map/settings.

    Players who die respawn at their own goal. This makes it more difficult to score as players on the carrying team will need to traverse the arena to catch up to their team after dying and players on the non-carrying team will spawn as defense to their own goal. It also gives way to a number of different strategies, i.e. leaving players middle to cut off incoming support.

    This is just one variation but to set the scene, think of CTF-BLANK, but with more vertical scale along the outside(the lowest points being center and the highest towards the ends of the map). No trans. Players can use the vertical advantage to pick away at a ball carrier and his/her support, but ideally are too far to hop in and scoop the ball for themselves afterwards. Tight areas can be used as choke points, potentially requiring a carrying team to make a group push. I was thinking of a "quidditch" like scoring system. Change the ends of blank so that there are dozens of jump pads and a number of different pillars leading to hoops, some higher and more difficult to reach than others (requiring mastery of the movement and/or knowledge of the arena to reach). The larger the goal you go for, the more likely you are to be combo'd or sniped out of the air by players in vertical guarding positions.

    There are endless ideas as to cool ways to score or design obstacle oriented maps/obstacle oriented goals when you get to thinking about it so I'll save more examples for when/if people are interested. I've started to draw up some concepts to make what I'm describing more tangible. In essence, it is a modern version of CTF. New players are more likely to enjoy it as there is no trans, goals will be more stylish, potential lack of pickups allowing for objective focus without timers, it's more familiar in having a "sport" form, etc.

    Depending on the map you could have a football, rugby, or soccer esque meta.

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    Reading other gamemode ideas now, not so original..apart from the quidditch/obstacle goals. Ehhh


      I read your first two paragraphs and this sounds a lot like Bombing Run, which was a UT 2004 standard game type. Maybe Thrashball was itself derived from Bombing Run. A mod for it is already in the works.
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