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    3v3 Showdown Feedback

    I booted up UT for the first time in months yesterday, and was pleasantly surprised with the new game mode, which reminded me of Clan Arena and Rocket Arena.

    One thing that felt a little off though, was the part where you had to pick a spawn point. Players had too much time to make their picks, and I found myself groaning, "come on already!".

    So here's an idea - what if players were able to pick their next spawn upon dying, while the round is still going on? This accomplishes a few things:
    1. Gives players ample time to choose their spawns (aside maybe from the last players left standing)
    2. Establishes a "loser's pick" mechanic and allows comebacks that way
    3. Creates a more fluid experience for players and viewers

    Now, about the players left standing - I would give them no more than 10 seconds combined (i.e. they all get to pick their spawn at the same time). This makes sense because they are all on the same team and are not competing with each other over spots.