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    Suggestions for Flag Run

    I wasn't feeling too confident about starting a new thread, as it's my first in nearly a year, and I admit my previous comments in this section were flame-inducing at best (my sincerest apologies to the Assault guys). I'm proud to say I'm not that guy anymore. I'm here to help now.

    Key mapping

    Right now, we cannot bind the same key to two actions, and that's fine by me. But it is weird to have two completely unrelated actions (Toggle Translocator and Activate Powerup) tied together in a single bind (Q by default). My point: there's no need for the Request Rally action to have its own bind, when it could be tied to Toggle Translocator instead. See, they're mutually exclusive (there's no game mode that uses both) and both are means of teleportation. And it is important (IMHO) to attach the value that Q (or whatever key you use for the Trans) means teleportation whatever gamemode you're playing. And Activate Powerup can have E. It also makes sense to me.

    Who gets to carry the flag first

    I still haven't experienced an online FR match yet, but I can only imagine what it could mean for a broader player base. There could be players fighting for that one particular spot where the flag will spawn, depleting ammo for no reason and causing bad blood inside the team before the round even starts. Assuming Flag Run can be crudely discribed as "Payload with a carried object", we could instead use the Bomb Defusal rule of automatically having someone in the team (most likely their MVP/top scorer) already carrying the flag, and if he/she doesn't feel up to the task, they can just toss it to someone else and then have it decided even before the round begins.

    Pre-round phase for defenders

    It could use a translocator for fast travel to each player's desired points at the map. It'd be available at the pre-round phase, only, and they'd all disappear from the defenders' hands and all thrown discs would be wiped out 5 seconds before the fray begins. Sure it'd make them able to reach the attackers' gate before the battle begins, but why would anyone do it? Only if they wanna lose a life in the first 10 seconds. And it doesn't go against what I said earlier, as only attackers can use Rally.

    Pre-round phase time

    It could be longer, I think 20 or 30 seconds is fine, like a CTF half-time. Hero shooters make their attackers wait whole minutes, which they use to fool around the safe room and exchange taunts with friends until the gates are opened.

    Defenders' safe room

    It should heal you just as you enter it, no need for that button.

    Recall for defenders

    Again, using Q. It mirrors the attackers' rally.
    I thought about it when I saw a teleporter protected by a defenders-only gate at Blackstone. Honestly, I think one should be able to use that everywhere.
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