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Single Player? Could it have a Team Management System?

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    Single Player? Could it have a Team Management System?

    I think a single player mode with a team management system and seasons like many sports game could be fun in a first person shooter. Drafting players, firing them, earning money to pay them, if you can't pay them they quit, could add a lot of depth to a single player campaign--as well as make it virtually endless. Games would be played in a normal season to fight to make it into the play-offs, and then have a 'super bowl' or 'world series' for big money. Having to pick up sponsors would also be fun, and could add a bit of laughs as well as challenges. The sponsor's names could be somewhat funny and have contingencies when they pay you such as, "team needs at least 10 headshots in a game" before they will pay the player--the sponsor's name for that might be like 'Heads Up, we sell brains in a jar just in case you might need a new one.'

    "Team Management" in "SINGLE Player" already add "a bit of laughs".

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      I agree that the best UT single player would be this kind of thing. An expansion of what was built into the old game Speedball 2 (Now available on the iPad).

      UT3's story mode just wasn't great. I did play the old UT99 single player Godlike campaign through 8 or 9 times, but that was partially because I was on a 56k modem Adding a basic team management system to that would have been the next advancement. UT2k3 did try that some more, but I didn't like that game too much.

      My main concern is when will the small Epic team ever get time to do something like this? For us established players, playing offline isn't that likely, but for newer players it is really important to have something enjoyable there to get a decent grasp on the game before venturing online. Going online and getting smashed is a surefire way of not bothering with the game.

      Although, game modes such as warfare are a lot more newbie friendly (Whilst still allowing "pro" level game play). This is the arguably the most important mode to attract newer players and it's not planned in any time soon.
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        I always enjoyed the single-player modes of UT99 and UT2k4, some ladder/tournament/sporty type thing fits this game best for offline mode.. but the bots will need to become a lot more solid than they are atm for that to become enjoyable in UT4. While I didn't have much trouble beating the challenges on hard, it was more frustrating than fun, either due to dumb team mate bots feeding the enemy bots (or stealing my items) or due to cheating enemy bots that can see through walls and have perfect aim coupled with abysmal movement.

        The bots in UT99 for instance are much more of a -fun- challenge to play, due to their interesting behavior and clever movement generally, without pinpoint aim and timing, even on godlike.
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