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    Ranked Duel - Matchmaking

    I've played 10-15 quick duels with the Ranked Duel Matchmaking tonight, can we get a little clarification on a few items?

    1) I was placed in 'Division Gold 4' after 10 matches, I've noticed I can still gain ELO after placement, I assume you can Rank up to Gold 9 still? The Player Card 'Duel' rank still shows Green 1 though, doesn't look like it's linked for Ranked yet?

    2) Can we get a Leader board? It would be pretty cool to see in-game Leader boards across each Ranked Mode.

    3) Can we see the ELO for each player in the game? It'd be nice to know the ELO of your opponent by pressing tab

    4) Is there anything you can share about the Ranked Mode 'League Points' I am accruing? What will they be used for?

    5) Can we potentially add a map veto system for Ranked Duel? Getting the same exact map over and over isn't fun, giving the two players a quick option to veto maps each might be decent (similar to how cups/matches are done on ESL)

    Looking forward to hearing about the plans for Ranked Modes.

    I had a blast testing out ranked 1v1 last night! I played 8 or 9 games and wait times were relatively short and skill level difference between players wasn't as bad as I would have thought.

    RøOk!e already brought up some good questions, I'll add a few of mine regarding the system:

    1) Are 5 minute rounds just for testing purposes for larger test sample size or other reason?

    2) Can players influence the map pool used for ranked ladder? Would you consider adding community WIP maps if their gameplay value is great?

    3) Just a suggestion from a stream viewer of mine, it would be nice to get some kind of aim practice minigame (or tetris lol), warmup mode or something to kill time during the MM screen while waiting for opponent/server.

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      Can we get any info on the mode plans at all? Nothin?