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Gametype Idea: American Football

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    Gametype Idea: American Football

    I got the idea while playing Greed this morning (is that sacrilege that I still play UT3?) and with the superbowl not that far in the past.

    Football works like this. The level is a Capture the Flag level (vehicles optional). There is one football that starts out in some central location (so need a central spawn point for it to work). Anybody can pick up the football. To score, run it into the enemy's flag base. Like Greed, you are teleported back to your side of the map.

    Like American Football, you can pass the ball: the ball carrier just shoots a teammate. Now for questions like "splash damage" in passing, it might be advisable to require passing by a "passing gun" only, perhaps a keypress. Maybe "use" the player while aimed at the player.

    Like American Football, you can tackle the guy with the shooting him! no unnecessary roughness penalties. When a ball carrier dies, he drops the football. Same if a ball carrier tries to teleport or get in a vehicle (hoverboard would be the exception).

    Shooting an enemy non-ball-carrier is more like blocking, but still kills. Shooting a team player when not carrying the ball has no effect, ordinary friendly fire.

    So, it's like Greed, but just one ball that never dies.

    If a ball is left lying around too long, it teleports back to the central spawn point. This is necessary in case a ball is dropped in an inaccessible place (which happens with skulls in Greed).

    Also, so the ball is never lost, a map and arrow point the way, just like CTF points to the flag base.

    Like in UT3, one could use mutators to change to instagib, modify/eliminate teleporter/hoverboard, make friendly fire kill,

    I suggest, a point for killing the guy with the ball, and 7 points for a touchdown.

    I'm afraid you're 13 years late with the idea:

    "Yeah. _Lynx can fire the lightning gun, have the lightning bolt turn a 90 degree corner, stop and ask the closest teammate for directions, confuse the directions and get lost, realize it went the wrong way, make a U-Turn, and get a headshot on the intended target."
    - RenegadeRetard


      It's never to late for bombing-run-kinda-gametype and/or iterating on the existing gametype .

      As Lynx mentioned, Bombing run sounds exactly like your proposed idea. Since you are still playing UT3, you could check out unofficial community gametypes for UT3. There are at least 2 I know of:

      A community member, [MENTION=7693]n0niz[/MENTION], is also working on a port/version for UT4. Initially created by several other community members which are gone now or discontinued to project. I don't think Epic itself is currently interested in doing something on their own, but if such community project is well received overall by the playeres, they are likely going to support it as well (meaning trying to help these guys developing the mod/content).

      If you are interested in such gametype, and/or Bombing run, check out this thread where n0niz regularly posts updates of his mod.

      PS: Welcome to the "actively-posting-community" .
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        Just a crow about bombing run. A lot of fun