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    [Concept] Invasion RPG

    Unsure if anyone here played Unreal Tournament 2004 Invasion RPG as much as me but I had a blast there. It was incredibly fun to verse interesting monsters, jump around the field killing said monsters, and leveling up as I did it to gain increased effects for my weapons and myself. Now, for this game type concept I'm not expecting Epic to create this and implement it, but I'm just throwing it out there in case any modders would like to input something like this. (this will be similar to the Death Warrant: Monster Mash server mod, but will have my own personal twist)

    So, in short this mode is for the pure RPG lover. Unlimited levels, XP for killing monsters, everytime you level up you get skill points which you can put into certain skills which then can improve your own mechanics. Not only that, but there are additional perks (like Vampirism or Medic Gun) which can also benefit you in other different ways). You'd be able to access an RPG menu with a button press which will provide you a list of items to choose from and ways to manage your own RPG skills and points.

    There should be a few classes players should be able to select. As soon as you start up, it would give you a prompt with the classes in a window. You would choose one and the game would cater things specifically to your class (e.g. Perks, and special skills) In the Invasion RPG I played, there were 3 important classes based around Medic, Gunning, and Adrenaline. I'm going to probably use the Medic and Gunning based classes, but scrap the Adrenaline class since there is no Adrenaline anymore.
    • Medic: This class would be focused purely on healing others directly and indirectly. Medic gun to shoot others into health or could also drop Healing Mines which can be detonated by players for healing purposes. Will not have many (if any) damage mods to their weapons due to not being damage focused. But will definitely be able to provide support for the entire team.
    • Gunman: This class would be focused in offensive weapons. Can use skill points to buff certain weapons (like Link Gun Alternate Fire chain links to multiple enemies [example only]) so they will be primarily damage dealing. They will also have a perk that can increase damage.
    • Engineer: This class would be focused on setting up a defensive area as well as being a valuable ammo source. Will have turrets at their disposal (the turrets could be basically a standing turret version of a current available gun (like a shock rifle turret)). Would also be able to wall off certain areas that could be broken down, however they will only have two walls they could place at any given time.

    Those are all the classes currently, however I plan to revise, add, and even go into more detail with these classes later on. Right now the entire idea is JUST an idea, nothing more or less.

    If you didn't play Invasion RPG, you probably didn't know the amount of interesting weapons that there were. Each weapon would get an affect that would either change how the weapon acts, or change how you specifically act. I'm definitely going to use some of the Monster Mash attributes, as well as design my own.
    • <weapon> of Infinite: This is basically self explanatory. The weapon's ammo was infinite, it never ran out. You could spray all you wanted, and the weapon would still be at its maximum ammo capacity.
    • <weapon> of Flight: Who could forget this crazy attribute? Would literally give you flight if you held it. It wasn't very useful, but was funny to use and got you to some awesome spots easily.
    • <weapon> of Healing: This gun basically healed any ally if shot. I think this should also be a random property upon obtaining a gun, not just for medics. However, I think Medics should gain infinite ammo while using it and also higher healing buffs.
    • <weapon> of Damage: A gun that would deal additional damage. Could be given to Gunmen as a perk to switch any gun into this type, but should also be available to everyone randomly upon picking up the gun.
    • <weapon> of Speed: This gun basically would provide additional movement speed to easily outrun and out dodge enemies.
    • <weapon> of Ammo Regeneration: This gun would provide ammo regeneration slowly upon holding it. However, if shooting allies it regenerates their current gun's ammo a lot quicker. Could be given as a perk to Engineers

    I know I'm forgetting some important ones but you get the idea here! Please provide any additional ideas for gun attributes down below. I'd love to see any other ideas for this as well.

    These would be the stats that you could modify each level with skill points. Death Warrant had some pretty good ones.
    • Health: The amount of maximum health that you have. Can be increased per skill point up to a cap of 1350.
    • Ammo: A specific percentage of more ammo that you'd be able to hold from the gun's default maximum ammo max. (let's just say hypothetically a link gun can hold 350 shots by default and a shock rifle can hold 40 by default. A few skill points into this would improve the shots held and the shock rifle would now hold 85 and the link gun would hold 394 shots)
    • Movement Speed: Would start off normal and only be able to increase by a fair amount before capping. It would only take a few levels.
    • Fire Rate: Just the increase of fire rate with each weapon.
    • Damage: The weapon damage that you would deal with each weapon (based upon weapon's current damage).

    If I'm missing anything that would be important please reply and I'll take a look.

    SO that's really all I wanted to get out of the way now. I'll really get to fixing and polishing off this concept! If you guys think this would be an interesting casual thing to pass the time please reply some ideas you might have I'd be glad to take a look at anything. I just had a blast in UT2k4's monster mash and I'd love to see something similar be implemented in UT4. Thanks!

    Yep this was one of the great games of UT2004, spent plenty of time playing this was good fun.


      I absolutely loved this in UT2004. I can almost guarantee someone will recreate it, probably once classic invasion is fully implemented.
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        Originally posted by the1ivo View Post
        Yep this was one of the great games of UT2004, spent plenty of time playing this was good fun.
        To be honest I think the only real time spent on UT2k4 WAS Monster Mash's Invasion RPG. I am actually thinking about jumping back on it for old time's sake!

        Originally posted by tidu View Post
        I absolutely loved this in UT2004. I can almost guarantee someone will recreate it, probably once classic invasion is fully implemented.
        I think my dream would come true if this happened. Also there has been word about adding in an Invasion mode? I'd love that, because it means there'd be a chance for Invasion RPG. Also, I remember someone mention the game feels like UT2k4, which only improves that chance of it being recreated.


          Originally posted by Loreis View Post

          To be honest I think the only real time spent on UT2k4 WAS Monster Mash's Invasion RPG. I am actually thinking about jumping back on it for old time's sake!
          I played a fair bit of onslaught so that did take some of my time, but there was a Australian Invasion RPG which I played and was great fun


            Originally posted by the1ivo View Post

            I played a fair bit of onslaught so that did take some of my time, but there was a Australian Invasion RPG which I played and was great fun
            Onslaught was fun, however I never really played that multiplayer.


              Originally posted by the1ivo View Post

              I played a fair bit of onslaught so that did take some of my time, but there was a Australian Invasion RPG which I played and was great fun
              Yeah there were acouple of good ones, weapons of power with druids too. Im just not convinced this UT would be able to capture the same feel and if they can move away from the stale arena meta thats been plaguing FPS for ages. I really want to take it back but this UT especially the characters just dont resonate with me the same way UT2003/4 did, its all too clinical and cold. I think its because I came to Unreal originally for Unreal first and Tournament second, the awe of alien worlds, future cities and lost oasis', maybe its because of the lack of 3D graphics back then left more to the imagination and now Epics filled in the gaps it doesnt gel with what I saw.


              I kinda wish there were less politics involved with the whole process because I would have liked to work on getting mutators to a point where hacks and work arounds wernt needed for doing an RPG type system/s. I had some pretty decent longer term plans I gave up on, I think Id have a large chunk of it to near complete if Id been given some room to move!

              Hopefully someone will get something going for those of you who enjoy this game. For me I still got my memories.
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              Upon release, Unreal Tournament 2004 was met with widespread critical acclaim. Several critics praised the unique, fast-paced, fun and challenging nature of the game as its main selling points, while fans touted the post-release support and extensive modding capabilities.


                Hello, fellow INV fanatic. (proverbially waves hand across the metaphorical crowd of assembled general UT fans) Was that your nic in UT2k4? I honestly don't recall it if so, but I personally saw 1000's of different nics over the years on servers I ran or helped run. I made tons of maps (most of those labeled DM-[GU]-INV- ... where made by me, but not all) was co-creator (my older brother did the programming, I made the textures, and we split modeling 50/50) of the original rpg addon mutator (which we started for 2k3) that was attempting to add classes, weapon types, monsters, runes combos, an enhanced radar, Mysterials RPG mutator. But my pc catastrophically failed at one point during a period of unemployment and since I was the driving force(I.E. I nagged the **** out of my older brother) development kinda dried up. Fortunately a few different groups picked up the gauntlet and saw that concept went through to completion. Blah blah blah ... Long story short I too am HUGE fan of INV RPG and would probably drop a duece right in pants in excitement if Epic themselves fielded INV much less INV RPG with this iteration after it's absence for UT3. (And yes I know why. And yes I also played the various community INV mods. No offense to those hard working individuals. Just a official starting point made UT2k4's better then UT2k3's).

                I pulled this from the nexus page but am pretty sure it's a cut-n-paste from the readme.

                The stats are Weapon Speed (%), Starting Health, Max Adrenaline, Damage Bonus (%), Damage Reduction (%), and Max Ammo. There are also 21 special abilities (it may be possible to download more from the Internet)

                Bots are supported and will choose certain stats more than others depending on their tendencies (e.g. aggressive bots choose attack-oriented stats most often). They will go for abilities sometimes too.

                As if all this wasn't enough, UT2004RPG features magical weapons and artifacts. Any weapon you pick up has a chance of being magical and having special modifiers, such as increased damage. Additionally, artifacts are special pickups placed randomly throughout the level which can be activated to give an ability or bonus. Artifacts consume your Adrenaline when in use.
                MAGIC WEAPON LIST:

                -Damage: A weapon with no text, only a + rating (e.g. "Rocket Launcher +3") does 10% more damage for each + (so a Bio Rifle +3 is 30% more damage)

                -Protection: you take 10% less damage for each + while holding this weapon.

                -Force: Projectiles shot by this weapon are 20% faster for each +

                -Piercing: Damage from this weapon ignores shields

                -Penetrating: Hitscan shots fired by this weapon go through any players they hit (like the zoom instagib beam does)

                -Infinity: This weapon has infinite ammo

                -Sturdy: Enemy fire can't push you around while holding this weapon

                -Luck: While holding this weapon, fortune smiles upon you. Useful pickups seem to materialize out of thin air in front of you!

                -Misfortune: You aren't so lucky with this weapon. For some reason, pickups seem to spontaneously combust right before you get to them

                -Poison: This weapon poisons those hit with it, causing additional damage to them over time

                -Energy/Draining: This weapon gives/takes adrenaline equal to 2% of the damage caused by it for each +/-

                ARTIFACT LIST: (By default, press the bracket keys to switch artifacts and U to use one. Artifacts consume adrenaline while in use)

                -Globe of Invulnerability: God mode on command. But watch out - it uses your adrenaline fast!

                -Triple Damage: This fabled artifact is the big brother to the double damage

                -Boots of Flight: Fly, fly away!

                -Lightning Rod: This artifact will strike at your enemies with weak but fast firing lightning bolts so long as they are in your sight. The amount of adrenaline used is proportional to the number of targets in range

                -Teleporter: This cousin to the translocator will warp you to a random point

                -Summoning Charm: This artifact will summon a monster to aid you. It will follow you around and attack any enemies it sees. The amount of adrenaline used depends on the monster summoned (which is chosen at random)
                Under Magic We added splash (called it ethereal), Burning (set **** on fire yo), Freezing (it slowed anything affected down all the way too out right stopping the affected actor- having friendly fire with this weapon in the mix tended to **** people off). The weapons could spawn at any level between -9(cursed) and +9(blessed) but had to be used to be identified. Throwing out a weapon would give you a chance at a better one (or dump a cursed weapon on some other poor fool). We also added shocking weapons with the ability to chain attack more and more nearby enemies with each +. We were gonna give poison weapons expanding AOE.

                We added Artifacts such as an upgrade hammer that let you raise the level of your currently selected weapon. We started on Red pills that made you bigger (your player model and hitbox) and stronger(faster, more damage dealt). Too big and you were basically a sitting duck cause you could leave rooms or you could even give yourself by outgrowing the environment. Also Blue pills that made you smaller(smaller hitbox) and increased max armor and hp. A rare stat point pill. If you were the last man standing there was a chance of a gift from the gods (I wanted it to be a Mario star). There was a hexing artiphact that confused monsters causing them to attack each other or occasionally pickups for some reason. An Ankh that temporarilly gave anyone medic like abilities(an AOE that healed friendlies both summons and other players.

                We also added runes (mentioned above). These went into rune sockets on your hud, get the right combo and unleash hell in any of 5 flavors for a limited time... (it gave you a large aura)

                We wanted to add ultra rare legendary versions of weapons(an infinite burning minigun for example) that might drop from a final boss on a map then stick with you from map to map. Along with a lot of other stuff.

                We also wanted to create a map type replacer that replaced ONS spawn nodes with monster gates/and bases with hives, so on those maps instead of monsters coming in waves they poured from the gates and you had to destroy the gates progressing across the map, rendered more difficult because like ONS they could be retaken. The method of holding them was derived from assault's objective format, but not everybody seemed to like that. This was the original reason for the classes because it required that engineers build 'caps' to prevent nodes from regrowing giving the various personalities the ability to focus on the style of play enjoyed..

                We intended a 4th class we called anarchist that was a support class like medic but was damage based so melee or sniper.
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                  I've been building an RPG mod since pretty much the beginning of UT4. I posted this a while back but it never got any traction (probably because I posted it in the Programming section): The latest updates can be caught at

                  It's not really intended for Invasion but serves as a proof of concept of what can be done for RPG.
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                    I'd also be interested in developing something alike the "Monster RPG Invasion" Game Mode for U4.
                    actually, there are several servers still up and running; just run UT2004 and checkout Monster Madness (B4 is my handle there).
                    that kind of team-play of humans against waves of bots should be ported to U4 engine.
                    installed new graphics adapter, windows and an IDE just before.


                      there are already some rather simple Mutators for Unreal 4 available:

                      while this would be the UT2004 RPG Invasion mod, which would need to be ported:


                        I remember the years playing that one guy was building turret and walls in one area, the others killed monsters with adrenalin rush and spider cannon. Big monsters were about to spawn, everyone was hiding in base, when suddenly a spider spawns in base and kills 3 guys. At the end 1 or 2 make it with a vortex gun and kill the last bosses. Everyone gets xp man these were good times
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