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    Originally posted by Beltamaxx View Post
    Ignored? No, epic has invited us to help bring back the greatest FPS ever. Gathering all these ideas and deciding what will and will not be utilized is a job I would not want to have ATM. I'm sure in a couple of months we'll have a better idea what UT Resurrection will be like. Just give Epic some time, I'm sure they'll evaluate and decide which ideas will be used asap.

    As for this thread, it will not spit any community. It's no secret 99 player prefer their style of movement and weapons, and UT2004 players prefer theirs, and that's ok. The thing we both have in common is we want to enjoy our movement and weapons on the new engine. I personally would love a commitment to 2k4 movement and weapons, but also I understand if Epic creates something new. Also, I'm curious what a new UT would be like.
    So why not help each other make sure we all get what we want. I do not play 99, and I love 2k4, but I've started this thread for both of these amazing communities. We will be helping Epic and ourselves if we start now. As I said before, this is not a split, it's a union.

    This is an unbelievable opportunity Epic has invited us to be apart of. Creating the classic mods may not have been the plan, but every creative journey is exciting because of the unpredictable, unexpected and slowly watching all the madness come to life.

    The choice is ours to make. We can keep posting, polling, debating and sharing ideas, or, start creating maybe the greatest UT ever with a new core and 2 amazing mods by us. Don't you want to be apart of that?
    There is a solution for all, and your idea is not bad if we manage i.e to make an MMO and in one planet the gravity and weather conditions will make moves and weapons imposible in other planet, so it can be a planet UT99, a planet UT2k4, a planet UT3... inside all of them invasion MMO mixed with all gametypes as arenas inside this invasión MMO. All servers inside the MMO as a big cloud managed by Epic.


      Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
      Uh, there's nothing to modify yet...
      I know, just prepping to prepare.

      Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
      Because Unreal II and UC2 players don't exist?
      Oops, them too.

      Originally posted by velocidad View Post
      so it can be a planet UT99, a planet UT2k4, a planet UT3...
      This part kinda sounds fun. 99/2K4/ut4 planets, huh, time travel Assault. Start with 99 movement and weapons, then UT2004 movement, weapons and vehicles. Then the last level/planet could be new UT4.....hmmmmm.


        Originally posted by sanch3z View Post
        Day 1 dodge jump mutator should not need a team That would be the only request I could think of this early in the game..
        But there won't be a day 1 to begin with This is all a gradual process!
        Unreal Tournament 4 eXpanded MultiPlayer (UT4XMP) efforts
        My website, listing all my Unreal series mods and mutators


          Originally posted by GreatEmerald View Post
          But there won't be a day 1 to begin with This is all a gradual process!
          More reason to start now. I know the ut2004 community are looking forward to the new UT, but they also would like a mutator/mod for 2k4 weapons, movement and vehicles. I'm sure the 99 and UT3 communities are feeling the same.

          I personally would also like to see a Classic VCTF and Classic ONS mod.