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    Offline Practice Modes

    Edited from "Offline Practice Modes" to "Training & Tutorial Modes".

    Would the UT community welcome and appreciate various "practice" gametypes that serve as training for skills such as mid-air rockets, advanced movement (piston/shield/hammer jumps, precise wall dodges, etc.), and the like? These gametypes would have exclusive maps that compliment their respective skills.


    Mid-Air Rocket Training
    • Player spawns on ground floor.
    • Bots spawn either in the air near the top of an empty map, bouncing between jump pads, jumping from lifts repeatedly, etc.
    • Player must shoot the bots out of the air to earn points.
    • Bots respawn either when killed or when they land on the ground if given aerial spawn.
    • This gametype could work online as well.
    • Example video from QuakeWorld:

    Hammer/Shield Jump Training
    • A course must be completed by navigating a series of checkpoints.
    • These checkpoints emphasize the usage of hammer/shield jumps.
    • Easy checkpoints require "short" HJs/SJs.
    • Normal checkpoints require fully-charged HJs/SJs.
    • Hard checkpoints require more complicated jumps, such as a hammer wall dodge after a lift jump.

    • Various maze-like maps must be navigated to the end.
    • Players utilize any movement option at their disposal: jump, dodge, hammer jump, jump boots, etc.
    • Gametype could also work online. Red Team vs. Blue Team in a race to the finish.
    • Example video from UT3:

    What do you think? If you're inclined to do so, add your own ideas in your replies.
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    Any online gametype will work offline (so you can always practice) with some exceptions, like siege were bots get crazy because they don't know what to do.


      He means like, dedicated tutorials and training missions with specific goals.

      I expect this is something that, if a community developer makes it, they would add it in.
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        Originally posted by Phopojijo View Post
        dedicated tutorials and training missions with specific goals
        Yup. Edited thread title and first post for clarification.


          ummm, I see.

          If I remember correctly there was a BT (***** track from UT99) map that is what you are proposing, the map make you learn the dinamics of this gametype. Maybe maps for all gametypes can be made with this is mind.

          I think is this one if you want to try:

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            The best "training" is against live players.

            With the exception of "BunnyTrack"/"DeFrag"(think: solo trials from UT2004), all of these are better as online modes, because bots just suck in all ways, and adjusting your mid-air rocket aim for bot movement will do you no good online.

            Mid-Air is amazing in Quake, but not so much in UT(so far). The movement momentum in Quake makes all the difference.


              maybe some light tutorials considering this game isn't going to be shipped with a booklet. And I do mean light.