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Unreal Championship 2 - Like Gamtype Possibility?

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    Unreal Championship 2 - Like Gamtype Possibility?

    I was pondering around with the idea of expressing some of the gameplay mechanics of Unreal Championship 2 TLC from the Xbox.

    I understand that some may not like this idea so I want to put it out there as a gameplay type.

    It could work like this:

    Gameplay Type:

    Name: Death-Drop
    Players: 2 - 16

    Mechanics: Game is won not by frags but by Fatalities.

    Just like in UC2, you would drop the enemy down to a low-health or stun level and then be prompted to perform a button combo. The UT announcer would then yell some sort of cool phrase and then you watch as you obliterate your enemy.

    I am a huge MK fan and to see some sort of homage to this forgotten gameplay mechanic would be awesome.

    Speaking of which, there were quite a few interesting UC2 gametypes. Nali Slaughter, Overdose...
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