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    My server is still here: The name in the hub browser is, "Narayana's Sniper Server."
    Love the adrenaline, Good luck! I loved the ability to spontaneously choose and initiate a buff with adrenaline full.
    My bp are are probably too a mess right with different trials and errors for knowledge sharing, but let me know if you hit any more hurdles for which I may have solutions.


      nice version, you got all necessary elements for BR. Some missing stuff i noticed, which you know i guess: The ball feels really squishy and doesn't replicate well on throw. Locking through wall possible. weapon switching possible.
      Positive stuff, which my version is missing: ball on spawn is solid, your locking sign feels great, own goal scoring forbidden. So i will take a look on those aspects i guess. You are on a good way
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        Originally posted by n0niz View Post
        Laambo i solved the weapon issue. All weapons get deleted now. If you follow the mutators i put in my post, this works fine, with the newest versions downloaded...

        Gamemode runs as mutator. If you put the map.pak and mutator.pak in the same folder it, the newest versino will override the existing assets. I still need to test some stuff on that, but for it works for now.

        I agree your custom plans for jumping, instagibrifle etc. In future i wanna build all mutators relevant for BR inside the gamemode and make an option on Configure in menu to disable or enable specific mutators. This way everyone can play BR as they want and we will see which version will survive over the years. Thats the plan for the future at least. And this i'm working on:
        .... if I cant use my own gun/trans then its not working properly! ... if I can do that then please tell me how!

        I think your putting more work than what is really needed! ..... BR is a gamemode not a mutator!? Everyone wants basically a default BR game which is weapons base! then, if you want to change it up to your likings you add the mutators "YOU" want (meaning the person/group setting up the server)!

        You really shouldn't be adding Pre Installed mutators for a Base game everyone wants back into the game! -=- {AW}'s Community Map Test Server -=-


          Well first: UT4 only allows either updating all maps with a gamemodeupdate or run the gamemode as mutator and override the one of the map. It's not my fault, that the gamemode runs as a mutator.
          Second: my aim is not to make a UT4 bombingrun with infinite translocator and no doublejump. I wanna rebuild the UT2004 version what you call "default BR game". If i have set this up, i give options to turn those factors off.
          Third: If you wanna use your own gun/trans. then you need to build your own mutator based on my mutators, which work in BR. Actually it is enough to replace the default weapons in MutiBR, then just rename your mutator. Basic instagib works, if you want yours then you need to program. If you don't use MutiBR mutator, you got the normal weapon BR. You can remove all inventory on start, then set your own start weapons. Not a big deal
          Also i explained it in my post before, splitting gamemmode and mutator.. and i said "mutators relevant for BR", that means core mutators that make the gamemode to what it is... please read my words carefully
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          Projects: UT4BombingRun | UTCC wiki


            All of us who love BombingRun just want a BR gamemode into this version of UT!

            ... after we have a basic BR gamemode we all can mutate the heck out of the gamemode to make it feel like we all want! That's is the way UT has always been and what makes this game so freaking awesome!

            FYI: "Second: my aim is not to make a UT4 bombingrun with infinite translocator ....." NOTE: your current set up is exactly that because you did not "remove all starting weapons" from your BR gamemode, which is based off the "CTF" gamemode!

            It seems your getting upset and taking this all wrong as i am just trying to help out and get a BR gamemode into this game like so many of us want!

            I am also willing to dedicate a couple servers just for this gamemode to furthure expose this gametype but I guess I will just have to continue waiting like i have been since 2014!

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